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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Dominick, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Dominick

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    Let this thread be where you talk about things you do that might be considered odd. For example, I read the reviews of television shows I never plan on watching. Sometimes I just enjoy the reviewer's writing or knowing what's going on.
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  2. I have a fear of biting off my fingers whenever I eat sandwiches.
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  3. Timmiluvs

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    I can't go to bed until I check that I closed the fridge. Even if I haven't opened it in hours. Not sure if strange habit or strange routine but

  4. St. Nate

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    I sit legs folded anytime it's appropriate and sometimes when it's not.

    I constantly crack my neck.
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  5. St. Nate

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    guilty as well
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  6. Fucking Dustin

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    I'll only take 18 steps to go up a flight of stairs. If there's >19, I'll skip steps, <17, I'll do multiple steps to make up for it.
  7. All things must be at right angles on my desk or any table. I move them until they look right and feel right.

    I hate the "feel" of wood pencils and styrofoam. It makes my skin crawl to think of the sound / texture / feel of either.

    I don't eat the part of French fries that my fingers are touching. I bite and then leave that part on the plate.
  8. Garrett L. Mar 15, 2016
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    Garrett L.

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    When I was younger, if my parents took me with them to places I hated (Home Depot and Sears being the worst offenders)? I would look at every aisle and think of how I would use what was in that aisle as a weapon to fight zombies. My dad and I watched old zombie movies way before I was ready. I still do this to this day in pretty much any store I go into.
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  9. troyplaysbass

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    Instead of just wearing shorter socks, I wear crew socks and fold them down a couple times so they just cover my ankles. I don't know why I do this, but it's how I've worn socks for as long as I can remember.
  10. muttley

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    I tap my fingers a lot. The top coating on parts of my laptop was chipped off long ago from it. It's not all chaos, though - it's normally to the beat of whatever music I'm listening to. Pads for kick drum/toms, nails for snare. I actually learn most drum parts from doing it.

    Same goes for drumming on my steering wheel.
  11. Fucking Dustin

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    Was posting on AP during Yeezy Season 3 while sitting next to suicidesaints. He was too.
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  12. Your Milkshake

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    I have like clinical ocd if only I went to the doctor for it. Im much better now than when I was younger. Sometimes so much scrutiny goes into setting an alarm clock or locking a door.
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  13. ChaseTx

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    I sit cross legged in my chair at work. I also take off my shoes at my desk
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  14. aspeedomodel

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    If anyone puts glasses into the cupboard in a different order than mine, I have to stop everything and arrange it back to my system. Only the cups.
  15. AelNire

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    I only have a sheet on my bed bc I run it through my toes at night to try to fall asleep. There is a part of me always moving and I prefer to stand instead of sit. I have to get in the elevator 1st bc I'll panic if I end up near the doors.
  16. Snoblin

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    I talk to my dog, in public, like she understands what I'm saying.
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  17. That's because you are clearly a Mog.
  18. Snoblin

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    [​IMG] ???
  19. Fucking Dustin

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    I think he was going for Spaceballs reference over FF reference. Was confused at first too though haha.
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  20. Dominick

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    I thought of Final Fantasy, too. Maybe because I'm replaying FF9 and I'm trying my damndest to make sure all the moogles get their letters.
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  21. Snoblin

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    Both are equally acceptable
  22. St. Nate

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    closet furry.
  23. Snoblin

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    You caught me, I'm actually a half-dragon/half-dog dark wizard named Alzeorf. xD xD xD lolol
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  24. ChaseTx

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    You better not fucking let them down, Zidane.
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  25. Dominick

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    I got halfway to the black Mage village, then turned around and went back to Lindblum to deliver a letter, bro.
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