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Steven Wilson - To the Bone (August 18, 2017) Album

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Barcara, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. Barcara


    From Wikipedia:
    To the Bone
    is the upcoming fifth studio album by English recording artist Steven Wilson, set for release on 18 August 2017 on Caroline International. It was recorded two-and-a-half years after the release of Hand. Cannot. Erase. (2015), and one year after his mini-album, (2016). According to Wilson, the album is inspired by the progressive pop records of his youth, such as Peter Gabriel's' So, Kate Bush'sHounds of Love, Talk Talk'sThe Colour of Spring and Tears for Fears'The Seeds of Love.


    1. To the Bone
    2. Nowhere Now
    3. Pariah
    4. The Same Asylum as Before
    5. Refuge
    6. Permanating
    7. Blank Tapes
    8. People Who Eat Darkness
    9. Song of I
    10. Detonation
    11. Song of Unborn

    I'm not sure if there's many of us on here, but here's a spot where we can talk about the new SW album, as well his other solo albums and of course, Porcupine Tree. (And No-Man, and Storm Corrosion, and Bass Communion, and IEM, and Blackfield, etc.)

    I'm really excited for the new album, Steven always pushes the envelope with his music and I'm always excited to see where it goes, for better or for worse. Of the tracks released, I'm a big fan of Pariah, Asylum (the most PT-esque track he has put out in a while in my mind) and Song of I is fantastic. I don't love Permanating (it'll probably grow on me with time), which is unfortunate because I was very excited to see him go all-in for his first proper pop song, but yeah, I find it just okay.