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Steve Madden Music Presents: pvris (free) Tour • Page 3

Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by fbrrocks, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. thisisnotbrianm


    I'm here too! Neon pink hat that sayd "sounds fake but okay" on it, wearing a black shirt and a grey cardigan right now
  2. Behind the Barricade

    Inside now. If you look at the stage, I'm the tallest person on the platform to the left. Come over and say hi!
  3. Behind the Barricade

    You're diagonal to me!
  4. thisisnotbrianm


  5. Behind the Barricade

    Can't come soon enough lol
  6. K0ta

    wrap yourself in petals for armor.

    I walked past this today in Brooklyn haha. But my friend and I had come for the Rise Against show. Hope you all had fun!
  7. TerrancePryor Prestigious

    Great performance from both acts.
  8. fbrrocks


    Great show tonight
  9. Behind the Barricade

    So I'm guessing Sierra was completely hammered last night? The band sounded good but she was basically screeching onstage. It was horrendous to say the least. PVRIS sounded great tonight but I'm still a little bummed we didn't get a new song. Oh well. It was awesome meeting @thisisnotbrianm! Hopefully the ride back to CT wasn't too bad.
  10. dpninjew


    did they happen to mention anything about new material or their disappearance from social media?
  11. thisisnotbrianm


    All they mentioned was that they'd be back in the fall and that was the extent of it.