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Stephen Christian to Perform with “Members of Anberlin”

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 11, 2017.

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    “Members ofAnberlin” along with Stephen Christian will be performing at the Freedom Celebration 2017 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
    After they disbanded, members of Anberlin went on to other projects, including lead singer Stephen Christian, who is set to release a new solo album called Wildfires this summer. Stephen, along with members of Anberlin, will perform songs from his new album as well as music from Anberlin.

  2. thedrudo

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    Hmmm... Wonder which members.
  3. AshlandATeam


    I couldn't be more excited for a Stephen Christian solo record.
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  4. Ryan

    Might be Spider-Man...

    Dude has a great voice, definitely checking his new stuff out.
  5. K0ta

    wrap yourself in petals for armor.

    Friendly reminder that Cities came out 10 years Eh? Tour? Yeah not happening but it would be amazing.
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  6. Barcara


    In case anyone is curious, Wildfires is a worship record. Two songs from it were released but neither did anything for me.

    Unfortunately, as much as I love Stephen and the band, I can't get into the worship stuff, I assume it's mostly because I don't relate to it at all, I had the same issue when listening to Gillepsie's record a few years back. I'm sure a lot of people will enjoy it though, dude is crazy talented.

    Stephen Christian Set To Release New Album, WILDFIRES, With BEC Recordings – The Gospel Music Association
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  7. K0ta

    wrap yourself in petals for armor.

    Well, this is disappointing as someone who isn't religious in the slightest. I'm not interested in listening to worship stuff no matter how good it is, but I hope he does well with it and am glad he is still making music.
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  8. Craig Ismaili

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    If I had to guess, it's probably just Joey? Christian is pretty invested in the Acceptance reunion, Nate stays at home in Florida with his wife and Deon has been guitar teching/tour managing if I recall correctly. I think maybe if anything it's Stephen, Joey and Deon but I bet it's just Stephen and Joey
  9. AshlandATeam


    Let me tell ya - I'm extremely religious (I'm actually a pastor). Also, my favorite religious album ever is Dustin Kensrue's 'The Water and the Blood.' This should be up my alley.

    But it is BIZARRE listening to Stephen Christian sing these songs after listening too Anberlin since 2005. It's just jarring and weird and so foreign to what he always did before, even in a band marketed to the church.

    I'm sure I'll like it eventually. But for whatever reason it just feels off in a way that even other worship projects haven't.
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  10. Tim

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    I dig those couple worship tracks and will probably dig the full album. Hopefully he finds time for both worship and secular songwriting, though, like Dustin Kensrue did. I hope him a lot of success in the Christian market but would hate to see him pigeonholed for the foreseeable future.

    Speaking of Dustin Kensrue, it's great to have Thrice back, and his last solo album is my favorite thing he's done besides Beggars, but I do hope he eventually finds time to make some more Modern Post material, even if it's just an EP.
  11. Schooner


    I spent $60 on farewell tickets! At least let me revel in the last shows for a few more years Stephen!
  12. AshlandATeam


    They aren't coming back in any real way. Some of the Anberlin dudes playing worship songs and the Jesus-y-er Anberlin songs (I'd guess) isn't the same as a reunion.
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  13. coleslawed

    Eat Pizza

    this is also at a Christian music festival, so I'm guessing it'll mostly be his solo stuff with a handful of Anberlin hits thrown in.
  14. Schooner


    Gateway reunions!!
    Like marijuana! hahaha
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  15. billyboatman

    Hopelessly Hopeful

    Dope. I should go. Hometown.
  16. schackbr


    didn't they make a big deal about not playing Anberlin songs again? i mean, i don't care regardless, but if i recall in a bunch of interviews they said no "reunion-ish" stuff would happen.
  17. Derek Wright

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    Why couldn't this be Boston?!
  18. chhholly123

    i’ve been meaning to tell you

    Wanted to like the worship stuff but it's a "no" from me.
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  19. CyberInferno

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    Thanks for the heads up. This is disappointing, though since I didn't know about it until this post, I can't be let down too much. MXPX-style or Relient K-style religious songs I can do. These are too much.
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