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Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by ryanfears, Oct 29, 2018.


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    Honestly wasn't planning on going until I saw the setlist, now I'm really excited.
  2. darkstorms139


    NYC and Boston are sold out, Philly is about to as well. Crazy to think SC are able to sell out HOB type venues now, but wonderful to see.
  3. CTFFEMT93


    Fuck me I forgot to buy the NYC tickets.
  4. Xpertguy5


    Anaheim venue is low on tickets
  5. monrovian


    thanks for the heads up, hopefully buy them this weekend for philly
  6. ryanfears


    I would not wait that long, they tweeted yesterday there's like less than 100 left.
  7. Brent

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    Damn, didn't think Boston would sell out... TDS said they'd get me into a show a year ago, maybe i'll hit them up and see if they can honor that still lol
  8. Joshua


    Philly is sold out
  9. tyramail

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    Portland sold out.
  10. m32137


    Orlando is sold out of GA but they still have some of the upper level seats at platinum pricing left.