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State Champs/Homesafe/Sleep On It/Bearings - "The Road to Riot Fest" Tour

Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by GEM37, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. GEM37

    She haunts the roads

  2. thisisnotbrianm


    Jersey show got moved from Gamechanger World to Starland Ballroom

    It's chaos. Be kind. Prestigious

    Ughghghhh I wish Grand Rapids wasn't on a Monday or I'd go in a second.
  4. thisisnotbrianm Jul 16, 2017
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    This would probably be most fitting in here:

    The show today at the rock and roll hall of fame got shut down half way through SC's set because "the crowd was too involved."

  5. Cgarnsay


    Whoa what happened?
  6. TMS2787


    Where you there? I'm still shocked about it. I've never been to a show when a band got turned off like that.

    Nothing. It was ridiculous. The barricade the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame had set up was a bike rack. A few songs into the set (I think three or so) the one security guard yelled up to the band: "Tell them to move back!" So they did. During "Shape Up" the band was mid-song and they turned them off. The band kept playing and finished the song. They tried to tell the crowd what was going on but they had didn't turn them back on. eventually they did, the band said a few words and they left the stage. The crowd erupted in "This is bullshit!" "Bullll shit bulll shit" chants and they came back out. Asked the crowd to calm down so they'd let them finish playing. But all of this was ridculous because the crowd wasn't even that rowdy or really that big.

    They ended up finishing the set but had to cut a song off the set, it was about a 50 minute set. This was the first time I had seen SC and I enjoyed the set and thought they put a good show.
  7. thisisnotbrianm


    I was not! A bunch of my friends were there though, and a few of them put them getting cut off on Snapchat & also tweeted about it
  8. emlantzy


    I was there at the barricade and everything started when people started crowdsurfing and one of the security guards threw the kid and then tried to push another one back into the crowd. Ryan got really pissed and started yelling at him, here's some videos
    . The barricades they had set up weren't even real and kept moving forward so security kept trying to push them back which just made everything worse. I talked to the guy who ran the event afterwards and he was really pissed about the security. They were lazy from the start, the one in front of me was literally sitting down sleeping through the first 3 bands. Don't know what they expected.