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Star Wars Universe (Rebels, Clone Wars, Comics, Books, Video Games) • Page 144

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Melody Bot, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. Probably start this today

  2. I love this cover so much. Can't wait for the special edition though. Comes with a pin and socks!
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  3. stars143

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    Anyone a canon completionist? I'm far from it (still in my first watch of Clone Wars and haven't seen the other animated shows yet), but I've considered going through the new canon media (including novels and comics) by date it was released. It feels like a stupid idea, but I also kinda want to try it.
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  4. Jacob Tender Jan 5, 2021
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    With the exception of Marvel comics, I believe I own the entirety of canon. I haven't read most of it. It's a lot and I don't read enough as it is.

    Edit: Mind the mess, but this is most of my SW library. Missing: a few novels and reference books strewn about the house or not yet delivered when this was taken.

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  5. Damn.

    I got rid of most of my star wars books a long time ago. Then disney threw them out anyway.
  6. JRShoenberger


    I just realized that I never preordered the books, so I just ordered them today. Hopefully they'll be able to ship in a timely manner.
  7. bodkins

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    Just read issue 1 of THR and really enjoyed it. I'm excited to be exploring a fresh part of the galaxy where I know virtually no one.
  8. My copy of the novel just arrived. Slipping it into its reading jacket and digging in!
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  9. coleslawed

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    i don’t really use twitter but this was fun

  10. What is a reading jacket
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  11. Dodge725


    I am very much a canon completionist. There’s only 3 or 4 books I haven’t read, but I’ve kept up with the shows and comics and I’ve found it to be very rewarding. The biggest suggestion I can give would be don’t necessarily go by release date and create your own order. If something seems interesting to you or you’re curious about a specific era, go through those first as those will be the most rewarding for you. If you’re looking for recommendations on what to put at the top of your list, let everyone in this thread know what interests you most or your favorite parts of SW and you’ll get some great suggestions and have a good starting point. (Clone Wars is definitely the best starting point as there’s a lot of stuff that builds on it)
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  12. stars143

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    Good advice! I might dive into The High Republic material first while I catch up on the animated shows.
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  13. Remember back in school when you’d have to cover your textbooks with paper shopping bags? I have a novel-sized cover I’ve reused for years to keep my hardcovers and dust jackets in good shape while reading because I’m a freak.
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  14. Your Milkshake

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    can you give us the synopsis?
  15. bodkins Jan 5, 2021
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    Essentially it was Keeve going through her jedi trial. It tied in somewhat with the unveiling of the Starlight Beacon. She was brought there and knighted by Avar Kriss who Yoda made the “Marshall” of the station. Keeve’s master, Sskeer, feels some kind of disturbance at the end of the issue (shadowy figure in the background), and presumably shit is about to kick off for issue 2.

    Notable changes to canon that I didn’t know: Trandoshans can regrow limbs! Sskeer is missing an arm, but no biggie apparently.

    Yoda was introduced along with Vetar as “grandmasters”. I found it intriguing as Yoda is the lone grandmaster in the PT. So this dude dies and they never replace him leaving Yoda solely in charge? EDIT: reading a second time and it seems more like Yoda stepped down and this other guy became grand master. So they’re referring to both of them as grandmasters but I think this other dude is interim.

    Art was great and the world building and look of High Republic era is fantastic. I’m excited for more.
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  16. Sean Holmes

    Blue Marvel

    Does anyone miss Starwars Rey, Finn, Poe, and Kaz?
  18. stars143

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    ...shoulda been.
  19. tdlyon

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    Started Clone Wars today! (and yes I'm doing chronological order lol). Instantly really like it, I watched the first two episodes, the movie, and the following two after that so far, so up next it looks like I have the majority of S1 all in order. It's not nearly as kiddy as I had heard the beginning of the show is, coming off the first two prequels it feels perfectly in line with those. Really glad I'm finally doing this

    Should I include Resistance? I've been told I shouldn't, that it's pretty much targeted for kids and doesn't contribute much to the canon
  20. bodkins

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    TCW gets even better, you’re gonna love it.

    My opinion on Resistance is of you’ve made it that far you may as well throw them in. That said, the way you described it is largely correct. I threw it into my full canon rewatch.
  21. I think we'll get a decent amount of Thrawn in Ahsoka. If that's successful, there's a lot of canonical material that can be adapted into full-length features. Thrawn's proved he has long-lasting appeal to the community. I wouldn't doubt a trilogy of movies in the future.
  22. The guy that voices him could play him. He had that demeanor about him in Sherlock.

    Though the actor isn't as physically intimidating I guess
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  23. Dodge725


    First issue of High Republic was a lot of fun. Also started reading the novel and it’s seems like it’s exactly what everyone was hoping for so far. New characters, new timeline, unique storylines, and really great writing. Probably gonna breeze through it this weekend but I’m already hooked only a few chapters in.

    Fair warning to everyone though: the kids book The Great Jedi Rescue tells the story of the beginning of the novel so you may want to wait to thumb through that one. It is cool to see the ships and characters and it has stickers!!!!
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  24. First chapter was surprising.
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  25. tdlyon

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    Damn, TCW does a way better job at making General Grevious intimidating than ROTS, the episode in his lair was dope.

    This show is surprisingly violent
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