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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (J.J. Abrams, December 20, 2019) Movie • Page 3

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Jason Tate, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. ship90

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    Second unit director
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  2. Your Milkshake

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    that made no sense but ok
  3. Sean Murphy

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    So michael jordan is the lebron james of 90s basketball?

    I can get behind that.
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  4. ship90

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    I don’t think her tweet is really that hard to figure out.

    & this
  5. tdlyon

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    I don't have anything to contribute right now but I'm gonna post "fuck yeah" to sub to the thread
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  6. Brother Beck

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    I laughed really hard at this.

    I feel like it's ultimately going to be something with a serious sense of finality. I am actually a pretty big fan of J.J. Abrams and I am really hoping he pulls this off, but I have to admit it's kind of funny that a guy known for his inability to end his stories well is coming in to complete this trilogy. I'm really hoping Rian Johnson's creative slate-clearing with TLJ forces him out of his comfort zone and inspires him to really get creative and take some risks.

    I have enjoyed all of the new Star Wars movies we've gotten recently because I like movies and I like Star Wars, but my main problem with all of them has been the tendency to try and play everything too safe. From the stories they've chosen to tell (Solo) to not trusting their choice of directors (Gareth Edwards, Lord & Miller) as they get towards the finish line and bringing people in to make sure everything is vanilla. I know Disney dropped $4 Billion and weren't in a huge hurry to squander that investment but I think their playing it too safe has started to hurt the brand so to speak.
  7. Tim

    we must be nothing less than fabulous Prestigious

    Is it wrong for me to *ahem* have a bad feeling about this?

    I like 3/4 Disney Star Wars films a lot (sorry Solo), with TLJ sitting alongside New Hope & Empire in my top tier of Star Wars. But, part of me is really unsure if they're gonna stick the landing. It's just gonna be tough, especially with the Leia situation.

    Here's hoping I can quote this post in a year and a half to tell myself how dumb I was to doubt them.
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  8. I think it's absolutely reasonable to be wary of any Abrams film
  9. Garrett

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    The day before my 30th birthday. Cool.
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  10. Brother Beck

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    This is absolutely 100% true. But I will also say that I think he does have his strengths and there's a real chance here that he could pull off something great.
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  11. Greg

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    Why? I have enjoyed all of his theatrical directing efforts to varying levels. Same to his writing, at least in what I’ve seen. His theatrical writing credits get super random the further back you go.
  12. Yeah I'm not predicting anything. I like Force Awakens and MI3.
    I have not.
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  13. ship90

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    JJ co-wrote an episode of Felicity titled The Force which features a character who is super excited to see TPM heh. They even show people waiting line for the movie (and includes a cheesy Obi-Wan like character ha).
  14. Makoto

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    Much more comfortable with Abrams finishing this than Johnson.
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  15. Dodger

    “The greatest teacher, failure is”

    Im much more comfortable with Abrams finishing this because of Johnson and the groundwork he layed out for Episode 9.
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  16. oakhurst


    I can’t think of much groundwork that Johnson laid out that Abrams didn’t already have laid out in Ep VII since VIII igored some stories that were introduced or teased in VII. I wouldn’t be surprised if IX feels like a fresh start again.
  17. Makoto

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    The nonsensical direction of the plot, poor character arcs and overall lackluster writing? Shaky groundwork
  18. Makoto

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    Johnson abandoned Abrams story arc to 'subvert expectations'. Which is not inherently good writing although morons have conflated the two. My only hope is Abrams can tie the opposing visions into something passable. Or he'll just go fuck you Rian and start fresh again.
  19. coleslawed

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  20. theagentcoma

    yeah good okay

    I really wanna tag a few people rn to get it on this convo but I'll hold back

    for now
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  21. Zach


    What a shitty take.

    Just cause he didn’t directly continue certain aspects, doesn’t mean he abandoned them. Abrams could very easily work whatever ideas he has around what he and Johnson both laid out, and have it work well.

    Plus weren’t Johnson and Abrams in communication the whole time?
  22. Taketimeandfind


    And here we go
  23. Zach


    I mean, I’m not saying The Last Jedi was flawless or anything, but I’m just saying there is probably a plan out there that Johnson and Abrams cooked up, or are cooking up. I could have sworn in the documentary Johnson mentions that him and Abrams were in contact during the script creation. I could be wrong though
  24. Dinosaurs Dish

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    Having opinions about something is fine, but calling people who liked it ‘morons’ immediately makes me want to ignore any point you make.
  25. Sean Murphy

    moon pie, what a time to be alive. Supporter

    Hey ya’ll this is the episode 9 hype and only episode 9 hype thread