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Squarespace Website

Discussion in 'Technology Forum' started by Jacob Tender, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. Squarespace makes it easy to build a professional looking website with no coding skills required. You can use Squarespace to make a one-page website, blog, or online store in hours, not days.
  2. Squarespace recently launched Squarespace Circle to further support their most active admins and creators. They've shared some great resources so far.

    Introducing: Squarespace Circle

    I run everything on Squarespace these days. My blog, portfolio, podcast, PR company, and a few other projects are hosted there. I love it.
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  3. aranea

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    Jacob, you are a MACHINE!! I wish I was half as productive.
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  4. NotBruce


    @Jacob Tender It looks like your links under "Print" via your Work page aren't working, unless I'm missing something. Site looks fantastic though. Just an FYI!
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  5. That's the beauty of Squarespace! It's so damn easy to put a nice site together.

    Thanks for the call out. My portfolio needs a lot of work. It's six months out of date. Those links are broken because I canceled Substream's shortlink when I left the company. I need to find the PDFs of the Beartooth one. It's on my spring cleaning list!
  6. NotBruce


    Yeah, same here. I'm re-piecing together my website (using squarespace, naturally) because it was horribly out of date. I love it, and I can't see myself using any other platform.
  7. It's so great. I redid my portfolio site in an hour today.
    pw: okayfine
  8. NotBruce


    Looks awesome, Jacob! It's a bummer, cause work has been an all-consuming endeavor this week, but hopefully mine will be finished up by the weekend.
  9. You can do it!
  10. crunchprank Prestigious

    @Jacob Tender You seem to be fond of creating websites hah. I work a hosting company and have a few of my own servers to do what I want with - one being hosting for whoever wants it. If you want free hosting for anything just shoot me a PM :-)
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  11. I do enjoy it, but I also have a lot going on that requires sites I can make on a budget of zero.

    That's cool what you're doing there with your servers.
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  12. "I attained my BSA Eagle Scout Rank in 2011."

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  13. Did you Eagle or are you punching me? BSA has been making questionable choices recently, so I'd understand either way.
  14. Haha, it's a fist bump. They definitely make some really stupid decisions, but it seems like they've, kinda? been doing better lately. I don't follow much of that at all anymore though after their stupid homophobic stuff.

    But yeah, I am an Eagle Scout. :spock:
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  15. NotBruce


  16. NotBruce


    Thanks, guys.

    I'm not, I've never heard of it. I'll check that out, though. Looks interesting.
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  17. cwhit

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    creator started this at UMD, p cool