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  1. Cmoney86


    81D918BD-0709-4255-9C2F-5476EB93DAA4.png FE91638F-FA7C-4CE4-BD73-F1F6CE52D97B.png EBDC84A2-1803-40A3-8A4E-33BA1C5AD3EF.png 3AAB8FC8-F3C3-450A-A086-36820A3ED24D.png
  2. Fletchaaa

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    Surprised to see blink there I didn't realize I listened to their new album that much
  3. Ferrari333SP

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    My Release Radar today is 114 tracks, or 7 hours and 19 minutes, hahaha; soooo much new stuff to go through
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  4. jorbjorb

    I'm so much cooler online.

  5. The Lucky Moose

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    How? Mine are always short
  6. Ferrari333SP

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    I've been using Spotify since 2012, and every time I come across a band or artist I like, even if it's just one song, I "follow" them, so any time they release a new track/album, it'll show up in my Release Radar. I follow well over a 1,000 artists/bands now, so my Release Radars are always stacked every week