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Spotify to Allow Indie Artists to Upload Music Directly to Service

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 20, 2018.

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    Dan Rys, writing at Billboard:

    Beginning today (Sept. 20), Spotify will begin allowing a select group of independent artists the ability to upload their music directly onto the streaming platform through their Spotify For Artists account, the company announced. […] For those artists who control their copyrights and do not have label or distribution agreements in place, they can log into their Spotify For Artists account, upload their music, fill in relevant metadata information, preview how the upload will look on their page and set the song to go live at a pre-scheduled time

  2. KyleAtGalaxy


    Wow, this would be awesome if they open it up to every artist. I'm not expecting an invite anytime soon because my projects probably don't even blip the radar. I have two bands on streaming services through Distrokid and one through Amuse. There's several other projects I've recorded that I would love to upload just so my friends and family could have easy access to them. I'm currently using the distrokid Musician Plus plan but you only get to upload two different artist/band names. And that's 35 bucks a year. They have a Label plan but it's $80 a year. That's a lot! Amuse is free but you have to have a different email/account per artist name. So, I guess if I put in the work I could use Amuse for free and be done with it but this would save some time for sure.
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    The struggle rappers alone will shut down their servers