Spotify Says They Overpaid Songwriters and Publishers in 2018

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    Tim Ingham, writing at Music Business Worldwide:

    Because of this additional complexity, Spotify has now calculated that, retrospectively, according to the CRB decision, many music publishers actually owe it money for 2018, due to an overpayment based on the prior rates. And guess what? It wants that money back.

    Spotify told the publishers the news this week and, as you can imagine, these companies – already up in arms over Spotify’s CRB appeal – are fuming about it.

    One senior figure in the music publishing industry told MBW: “Spotify is clawing back millions of dollars from publishers in the US based on the new CRB rates that favor the DSPs, while appealing the [wider CRB decision]. This puts some music publishers in a negative position. It’s unbelievable.”

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    This can't be true :crylaugh:
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    Damn, gotta cut that penny in half now.
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    Spotify's really trying to piss people off now, aren't they...
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    First you butcher your update and now this? Wow
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    Normally I'm pro-spotify, but this is a indefensible.
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    Never been happier to use Apple Music. Spotify can get fucked for this.