Spotify Purchases Gimlet and Anchor

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    Spotify has purchased Gilmet, the podcast company, and Anchor, a podcast producing platform:

    Based on radio industry data, we believe it is a safe assumption that, over time, more than 20% of all Spotify listening will be non-music content. This means the potential to grow much faster with more original programming — and to differentiate Spotify by playing to what makes us unique — all with the goal of becoming the world’s number one audio platform.

    Spotify wants to be the YouTube of audio.

  2. Christian Romero

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    I don’t liiiiiike make it stop. Their app isn’t even good.
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  3. bodkins

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    damn. Good for Alex I guess, hope this isn't the beginning of the end.
  4. macbethfan


    The moment that any Reply All episodes becoming Spotify exclusives, goodbye PJ and Alex. One of my favorite podcasts ever, but I won't hesitate to stop listening if I can't access it in Overcast. The same goes for editorial content. If there's something they don't cover because of conflict with ownership, I'm out. I'm happy for anyone that took stock options when they started working there because they'll get paid well, but I'm not happy about Spotify's mission to become the "Youtube of audio" like Jason stated.
  5. bodkins

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    Damn. Just realized that I never heard anything from Crimetown season 2 past the first episode. Turns out this season is a Spotify exclusive. Man fuck that. Guess The Nod, Reply All and all the others will end up that way before long.