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Spotify Premium Users Will Get Some Albums Two Weeks Before Free Users

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 4, 2017.

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    The Verge:

    Spotify has agreed to a new licensing agreement with Universal Music Group, the companies announced today. As part of the deal, Spotify has agreed to allow new albums from Universal artists to be restricted to its premium service for up to two weeks moving forward, confirming our report from last month. Spotify will also pay slightly less to UMG in royalty fees, according to sources close to the situation.

  2. Owlex

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    I have to think this turns away more users than it converts into Premium users, no?
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  3. Ferrari333SP

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    I'd think they've done enough research into this where they feel they'll have a big enough shift in the other direction, to overcome whatever amount of users that leave
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  4. Owlex

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    True. Perhaps this is a step towards the direction of the abolishment of that tier.
  5. aniafc


    They are the only streaming service that offers a free full service for the desktop, no?
  6. Tim Fitzpatrick


    That whole paying less in royalties part is what bugs me. Who takes that pay cut?
  7. Ryan

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    Thank you Starbucks for your paying for my Spotify, this rules.
  8. spencpants

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    Isn't this going to cut into the label's money, too? Releases are pushed a lot up front, and if they're made unavailable for 2 weeks+, people are just going to forget about them if it wasn't already available to them, or find other ways to acquire them (i.e. illegal downloads).
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  9. jorbjorb

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    I'm cool with that