Spotify Premium Now Includes Hulu

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    Cameron Faulkner, writing at The Verge:

    Spotify Premium now includes a free subscription to Hulu’s ad-supported plan. This perk goes into effect today, and it is available to new and existing users of Spotify’s Premium streaming service in the US. Following Netflix’s recent price hike, Hulu lowered the cost of its ad-supported plan down to $5.99 a month, and now, Spotify users will get savings on top of savings.

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  2. karcrashianpanache

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    Awesome! I had Spotify for students which came with the Hulu subscription and was bummed when I lost it after graduating and converting to regular premium.
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  3. Mr. Serotonin

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  4. billyboatman

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    I’ve had this combo for over a year? Is it just a price drop I’m guessing. I wonder if I have to do anything to my plan to get this pricing. Seriously one of the best deals out.
  5. slickdtc

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    Figured I’d ask here first before I inevitably google it immediately after: does this also apply to Spotify Family accounts?

    Lol or I can read the actual article linked. Big fat NO on family accounts. Cool. Pay more, get less. Wonderful.
  6. Dan O'Neill


    Hmmm. I have Apple Music and Hulu currently. Maybe I’ll make the switch. Doesn’t seem like it’ll save me too much though, haha.

    ...looking into this...
  7. Previously, you could add Hulu to Spotify Premium for an extra like $3 or something. Sounds like you won’t be paying that extra couple of bucks now
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    Yeah just saw that myself, makes no sense.
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  10. Arry

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    noooooo. my gf and i converted to a family account to get a free google home. bummer.
  11. slickdtc

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    I’d trade that stupid hockey puck back in a heartbeat for free Hulu.
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