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Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 11, 2017.

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    Spotify has launched a new website called that gives you a bunch of personalized data about your listening habits.

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  2. knstadin

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    "Your top genre is Pop Punk which appears in 61% of your top tracks." Seems legit :ok:
  3. mad

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    One of my top genres is "vapor soul" lol
  4. aranea

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    "93% of your tracks are energetic"
    yea well i gotta counter all my sadness so lol
  5. alex miller


    Love when they do this stuff... even though some sections only span from the past 4 days of activity. Kinda dumb. But this'll end up being really cool if this site remains a thing for years to come
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  6. knstadin

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    here add some Elliott Smith to balance it >-p
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  7. coleslawed

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    pretty into Dreamo, apparently.
  8. knstadin

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    So true.. but I don't see this going away anytime soon.. Site was made by Spotify after all..

    ..also my top artist is Plain White T's.. tf? :teethsmile: I was only searching for an old song ("My Only One" found it yay) and went thru their first 2 albums.. I guess that makes them my No.1 Artist :eh:
  9. Mr. Serotonin Jul 11, 2017
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    Mr. Serotonin

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    I love this kinda shit for some reason :crylaugh:

    91% energetic tracks, top genre was indiepop, top artist 3EB
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  10. alex miller


    spotify has nixed several features over the years (for better or for worse). this is one that benefits upon its longevity so i really hope they keep it long term. it'd be great if they added more details over time too.
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  11. Damien Davies

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    My top artist is Saosin and my top genre is pop punk. I listen to mostly energetic tracks.

    I personally disagree, but then again, I really have no idea what Spotify or classes as "Pop punk" or a "top artist"
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  12. ReginaPhilange

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    Apparently I stream like a Fitness Enthusiast lol.

    What's weird is that my most streamed songs come from my sleep playlist since I leave it on at night and all the songs are very mellow, don't see how that implies a Fitness Enthusiast.
  13. honkytonk

    Narcissism on narcotics

    John Mayer is my most listened to artist, and 10% of my songs are danceable. Guess I won't be DJing any parties in the near future hahah
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  14. coleslawed

    Eat Pizza

    just looked up their Dreamo playlist, and yup, I am.
    Lovedrug, FSF, MO, All Get Out, As Tall As Lions
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  15. mattfreaksmeout Jul 11, 2017
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    Man Overboard is my top artist, which completely baffles me as I haven't listened to them in any way except for like a month before they opened for All Time Low in like 2014 or something, but I guess I really went in during that month.

    Don't Take the Money is my top song, which makes a little more sense but I'm still surprised there's not one song I've listened to more in the 5 years I've had Spotify than that song which has been out for what? 5 months? If anything, I was surprised it wasn't Hard Times over that song, and sure enough when I looked at recent listens hard times was the top track, but I'm pretty sure that came out before Don't Take the Money so I'd think if DTTM was really my top overall, it would also be my top recent, so I'm a little confused how it works.

    I'm also really curious how many of those genres overlap. Like indie pop and indie rock were my top two, but I have to imagine a lot of the artists I've listened to count towards each of those genres.

    The playlist it created is actually insulting to me. There were three 3OH!3 songs..

    These things are cool, but it only really represents a portion of my listening since I only use Spotify at work/on my work laptop. Otherwise I'm using Apple Music. And that was probably way more than any of you needed to know, but I could look at these types of stats for hours.
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  16. alex miller


    Yeah. Not sure what the deal is. The "end of the year" round ups are always right on the money. Something is definitely off.
  17. Snoblin

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    Like, it's relatively spot on with me..

    For my lifetime data:

    Top Artist: Kid Dynamite (I'm surprised it's not Fireworks. I haven't listened to KD in a while, but I listened to it non-stop back in 2014-2015)

    Top Track: Never Meant by American Football (this makes sense because a while back I listened to this non-stop while Learning all of the different instrument parts)

    Track data:

    87% Energetic citing DVP by PUP (Id agree with this)

    Overall Positive citing Take What I Want by Masked Intruder (yeah, I guess that's positive)

    Average tempo is 130 BPM (I do like it fast)

    Genre data:

    46% Alt Emo

    48% in my genre of choice - they say I have very diverse tastes (I don't know about this. I could be better about listening to different genres)

    They say I live life at 10. ALL THE WAY UP. That's why I'm sitting at my computer right now, in my pajamas, writing a grad school paper.

    My playlist was super weird with 80% being artists from Japan. (Which is slightly understandable because I've been listening to a lot of Wanima)

    I want more data though. Like seasons, and top artists ranked with play counts or time played.
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  18. ReginaPhilange

    FKA Jacob Prestigious

    Under the keeping it 100 it says my average bpm is 22 lol.
  19. teebs41

    Prestigious Prestigious

    This is where apple music is lagging behind IMO.. They need to do more stuff like this, i want listening history/habits info.. a Last.FM for apple music listeners.. I've been scrobbling to but I don't want to have to worry about that lol
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  20. Jake W Jul 11, 2017
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    Jake W

    oh my god, I'm back on my bullshit Prestigious

    "Your top genre is Alternative Emo which appears in 38% of your tracks"... The second is Emo at 32%...

    Honestly this feature would be a lot better if Spotify's genre system wasn't so bad.

    Edit- Like I just looked at my profile and 7/25 of my most played artists are rappers yet there was no indication of that in my top genres.

    Edit- also my most played song according to this is 29th on my Yeah this thing isn't accurate.
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  21. Kiana

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    My top artist is one direction and my top song is the Spanish version of Bailando. Avg 120 bpm. My listening hours peak at 4 which makes sense cause that's when I get off work.

    The only thing i thought was super weird is that Pop Christmas is one of my most listened to genres but I dislike Xmas songs a lot and never listen to them? My sis uses my spotify sometimes so I guess it could be her but I'd be surprised if she listens to it enough to be a top genre.
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  22. ReginaPhilange

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    I’m curious how they’re gathering data. Some of it just seems off to me but it’s hard to tell cuz of my sleep playlist, it’s about 18 hours long and I’ve had it for like 5 years so it distorts my analytics.
  23. crunchprank Prestigious

    This is great and all, but once again they don't implement a way to share this information - at least as far as I can tell. I really miss the old Year-End stats that you could share the entire web page of.
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  24. Damien Davies

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    I just did it again, and got a different result;

    Now my top artist is Portugal. The Man and my top genre is Dreamo.

    Before my top artist was Saosin and my top genre was Pop Punk.

    Literally only listened to As Tall As Lions between doing the first one and this one.
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  25. adleon18


    Yup, Spot on for me:
    For lifetime I got Blink 182 as my top artist and "I wanna get lost with you" by the Stereophonics as my top track which I have been listening to and putting in my playlists since I heard it for the first time about two years ago so, seems legit.

    For recent listening I have Kings of Leon as top artist and "The Man" by The Killers as top track which is true, I have been listening to those a lot recently.

    79% of my tracks are energetic and I get two Rancid songs along with one from The Ataris. :ok:
    Apparently I am an "Eclectic" listener, cool.

    The only thing that threw me off is that apparently I stream like a "cooking enthusiast" and I am the least enthusiastic person when it comes to cooking haha.

    I like this feature.
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