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Spotify Focusing on Podcasts in 2019

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 11, 2019.

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    Sarah Perez, writing for TechCrunch:

    This has led Spotify to believe that influencers in the podcast community will be able to bring their community with them when they become a Spotify exclusive, and then further grow their listener base by tapping into Spotify’s larger music user base and, soon, an improved recommendation system.

    Personally, I think an “exclusive” to one platform ‘podcast’ isn’t really a podcast. It’s a Spotify radio show. Which, cool, that’s fine, but if it’s not available via an RSS feed to any podcast player, it’s not a podcast.

  2. kielhauck @kielhauck

    Yeah, "exclusive to Spotify" just seems counterintuitive to what most podcasters are trying to accomplish. I did like what Dissect did this year, where episodes are available on Spotify first, then available everywhere else a week later.

    We added our podcast to Spotify this year and it's clear that people are listening there and it's given us a pretty big bump in streams. My only gripe is that the Spotify data is separated out from everything else for some reason, requiring an extra step to get a clear picture of weekly downloads. Hopefully they'll get the picture soon that podcasters want to use Spotify just the same as they view and use any other channel.
  3. copey


    I cannot stand the way Spotify tries to push podcasts on it's users. seems like every other carousel in the Home tab is trying to push podcasts I would never listen to on me. There's not even a good user experience for following podcasts you would actually want to listen to regularly.
  4. I definitely agree with your statement.
  5. Spotify’s entire approach to podcasts is so strange. I have to pay blubrry a fee to list our show on Spotify so our show just isn’t on Spotify. I ran a poll to see who in our audience uses Spotify for podcasts and it came out to 2%. Not worth it to me.
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  6. Matt Chylak

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    The biggest problem I have with Spotify’s podcasting is that it doesn’t always reliably save where you are in the podcast. If I skip over to something else, it often completely removes all progress and I have to find my place again. That’s like 101 functionality stuff.
  7. contra11mundum

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    Why the fuck would anyone wanting to have a successful podcast make it exclusive to any platform?

    That would only benefit the platform, and that’s if it’s a popular enough brand to get someone to subscribe.
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  8. Steve_JustAGuy


    Their podcast functionality definitely needs an overhaul.