Spotify’s Postal Address Insanity

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    Josh Centers, writing at TidBITS:

    Apparently, Spotify requires address verification to try to ensure that all family members are in the same household, so presumably, those addresses need to be entered identically. Did my wife type out the word “bypass” in our address, or did she use an abbreviation? Did she put our box number on the first or second line? Wanting to make sure I got it right, I asked her to check the address format on her account.

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    Funny to read, but I can understand how incredibly frustrating that must be. I don't understand why you can't easily change the address associated with the primary account though. That's just dumb.
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    Hmm that sucks, I use GPM and have five other family members all on the group, but we don't all live together. Was considering switching to Spotify but if this is the case, that sounds like a pain.
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    Was recently invited to our family plan and I tried signing up at my girlfriend’s house about 3 or 4 times and got an “Oops something went wrong” error every time - waited till I went back to my house and it worked. Could have just been a coincidence but I honestly figured it was an IP address or GPS related thing.
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    Had this happen to me recently. Wanted to add a friend of my to the family plan. Gave him my address and it didn't work, gave him my past address and still nothing. Gave him another address from 8 years ago didn't work. I couldn't even remember ever putting my address, to begin with. After emailing someone for over a week, they sent me my address. It ended up to begin my old address from 8 years ago, but it was formatted wrong so my address was CITY ZIP STREET NAME
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    I’ve never had an issue with it. Maybe everyone coincidentally wrote out the address the same way.