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Spotify’s Discovery Weekly Reaches 40 Million Users

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 25, 2016.

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    Ben Popper, writing for The Verge, looks at just how big of a hit Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist has been:

    According to the stats Spotify released, more than half of Discover Weekly users listen to 10 tracks a week and save at least one of those songs to their favorites. The company is trying to highlight the boost in listening this feature has given to small- and medium-sized artists, and noted it will be sharing data from Discover Weekly with bands to try and help them connect with their newest fans.

  2. bradpetrik

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    I didn't care for it when I tried out Spotify again.
  3. Owlex

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    It's a pretty good feature. You're almost never gonna like more than half of the stuff on curated things like this but I usually find some stuff to like on mine.
  4. jols

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    yeah they have definitely set the bar with this. it seems to pick up on little nuances of my listening. and i listen to a lot of small bands on spotify so it's really impressive how much stuff shows up on there that i've actually never heard of before.
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  5. ianzandi


    Yeah this feature is handy. Does it base it on what you listen to that week, in general, or songs added to playlists, etc? I'm curious of their formula. I recently tried tidal to listen to the new Radiohead album but I cancelled within a week. Terrible listening experience all around but I especially couldn't find a recommended for you page
  6. Jdaniels


    It's been pretty cool, and almost every week its like it pulls a random song from your past. its the perfect little random mixtape, from an earth-2 you.
  7. jorbjorb

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    I'll have to try this out. i already see some interesting things in there
  8. redwing91007

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    I spend ALOT of time using Spotify so my list is always right up my alley, I've discovered a few cool bands through it. I'm a fan.
  9. Anticitizen7

    Please be kind. Like actually kind though.

    Im curious how the discovery playlist works exactly. Its been great for me, I've found two or three bands on it that have made their way into my regular listening, which is saying a lot. The only problem I have is when it throws stuff on the playlist that Spotify should know I like. For example, the Rose Version of The Front Bottoms "Jim Bogart" is on my current discovery playlist, even though I have their entire discography saved onto my Spotify already, including that song.
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  10. zigbigwig

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    The most horrible thing Spotify made me listen was a screamo version of Swimming Pool.

    Other than that, love it.
  11. morken

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    The Discover Weekly playlist is the highlight of every monday morning. I almost always discover a couple songs that I really like. There must be some algorithms at work here, sorting through everything I listen to/have saved, and recommending new stuff based on that.
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  12. Mr. Serotonin

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    Mine is so accurate. Almost always love the entire thing.
  13. Mr. Serotonin

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    There definitely is. I had 0 hip/hop and once I made a hip hop playlist, hip hop songs started appearing on my Discover Weekly...which is fucking cool. I have no idea how to describe what kind of hip hop I like, but Spotify knows :crylaugh:
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  14. morken

    Not everything means something, honey Supporter

    That playlist, plus the Discover function, are what keeps me from transitioning to Apple Music.
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