Spoon – “No Bullets Spent”

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    Spoonhave shared the new song “No Bullets Spent.” The track comes from an upcoming best-of compilation that the band will release on July 16th.

    Track Listing

    1. I Turn My Camera On
    2. Do You
    3. Don’t You Evah
    4. Inside Out
    5. The Way We Get By
    6. The Underdog
    7. Hot Thoughts
    8. I Summon You
    9. Rent I Pay
    10. You Got Yr Cherry Bomb
    11. Got Nuffin
    12. Everything Hits At Once
    13. No Bullets Spent

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  2. prattsy


    Haven't listened yet but that's an awesome track list for people looking to get into one of the best bands going.
    I think Got Nuffin' is a weird inclusion and they went heaviest on They Want My Soul, but I'm a mega-fan so I'm nitpicking. If you listen to this record without liking a few songs, Spoon is just not for you.

    Edit: Oops, not true on heaviest. They actually grabbed 3 from both TWMS and Gax5