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    100% deserving
  3. CobraKidJon

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    lets all celebrate this great occasion by watching it again tbh.
  4. Tim

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    Love that they included Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Brian Michael Bendis, & Sara Pichelli in their list of thanks.
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    I really hope this wins an Oscar. I still think Incredibles is gonna take it (even though it doesn't even TOUCH Spider-Verse), but here's hoping.
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    velvet underground pretty revolutionary honestly
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    This was the first super hero movie I’ve seen since the first Avengers and I absolutely loved it!
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    spider ham tv show PLEASE
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    I was finally able to watch this yesterday and now I really want to read both Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen comics. It’s amazing how this movie was able to get the audience to like so many characters and it has way more heart than I thought it would.
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    Yeah, I didn't love this. The way different animation styles mixed was really great, but the humor and plot fell flat for me outside of Uncle Aaron's death. Once I got over the "wow they really made a movie plot about dimension-hopping Spider-people", I was ultimately disappointed that it didn't go further with the tools it had. Was honestly shocked when the movie ended that these characters had not gone to other comic universes visually within the story.
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    i honestly thought this movie was stuffed to the brim, i do not think adding the element of traveling to other universes would work, it’d be too much on top of everything else
  16. Tim

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    Yeah, within the context of this film, Miles traveling to another universe wouldn't have worked for the story. This was Miles' film. The Spider-Verse wasn't the central idea; it was a tool for highlighting Miles' journey.
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    For those who have seen this in both imax 3D and regular, is it worth the extra $10 to rewatch this in IMAX as opposed to spending $5 to see it again in 2D? The imax theater is a lot farther from me and I want to see this again but not sure how out of my way I should go to improve the experience.
  18. Tim

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    I wish I had seen this in IMAX 3D. :tear:
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    Just came back from finally seeing this. Nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said here, I guess I wish it was a little longer, but I left really happy; very fun watch.
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    ^Is this purple?
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    I keep returning to this clip. Kind of wish "What's Up Danger" blew up as much as Sunflower seems to have.
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    It's awards season and I have A-List and there are so many choices and all I want to do is see Spider-Verse a third time.
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    I saw this on I-40 west near Raleigh.

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