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  1. Todd Vaziri may know a thing or two about revolutionary films and their techniques. :crylaugh:
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    Just saw this again and I will never not get chills when What's Up Danger kicks in. That whole sequence is probably my favorite scene from any movie this year
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    my friend’s Christmas gift to me was this Miles Morales keychain and I’m so happy to have it.

    I also hate it because it looks so fragile and I don’t want to hurt him.
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  5. Why Bother?

    Still bothering.

    I want Miles' Nikes so bad.
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    let this be the year of Miles with his solo comic and Champions.
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    That article doesn't really spend any time talking about his problem. It just kinda states the complaint briefly and matter-of-factly, as if everyone already gets it, and instead focuses on his response to this assumed flaw. Which is weird, 'cause out of a couple white nerds on a podcast who loved the movie but said they thought it'd be a better story w/out the full Spider-cast (just for simplicity reasons, an observation I understand but don't agree with)... I haven't seen anyone else talk about that.

    I remember early on having mixed thoughts when I realized alternate reality Peter was gonna be in the movie, because I was worried leaning into the Spider-Verse from the start would cheapen Miles being the Spider-Man. I didn't want him to feel like an also-ran in his first film. Same reason I don't want MCU Miles 'til Peter grows up, now that they've already committed to teen Peter again.

    But, ultimately, as someone who's seen this... um... six times (obsessed, sorry), I 100% stand by this being totally Miles' story. Gwen learns she doesn't have to cut others out, Peter relearns to be his best self, but the central story is all Miles' journey. Outside of backstory sequences, I don't think there's more than, like, three or so sequences that aren't told from Miles' perspective. The only character growth outside of his is caused by him & largely takes place behind him. The biggest sequence where he's not present, when the Spider-people go after the collider w/out him, ultimately sets up his importance to the mission & is tied to his big hero reveal. And, they smartly move those other Spider-pieces off the board before the final showdown.

    There could probably be some interesting conversations about Sony needing to connect Miles to a bigger Spider-Verse instead of setting him in a world where he's alone. And, of course, a person's personal experiences and emotional baggage, like that of who wrote that article, should be respected. But, at the end of the day, a film having a large cast doesn't always equate a full on ensemble film or stolen spotlight; you can have a big supporting cast and still have a clearcut main character.
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    they took out a part of him using peter b Parker advice about cleaning the mask and let that be a deleted scene.

    also he is RISING
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    wow. this was fantastic. I'm sure I'm echoing many people's thoughts, but what a love letter to comics. story was simple but great, the voice acting was terrific. not only probably my new favorite Spider-Man movie, but that animation, holy smokes. I don't remember the last time I was in a theatre and felt like I was watching something new and unique, but that animation was so inventive and terrific. watching trailers and clips didn't do it justice the way the big screen did. need to see this again.
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    Can I measure your tree?

    dammit this should've been kept in, I laughed just reading it in the script
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    I cried like a baby during this
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    Absolutely fantastic. Probably my favourite superhero film after one watch.
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    Nothing more to add to whats already been said except the whole family loved it. Can't believe we got the two best Spider-Man stories in the same year, the other being the PS4 game.

    I think I like the game's story more, but it's kind of unfair since it's 20 hours of fleshing out characters against just 2 hours.
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    Yeah this is my favorite superhero film
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    Agree 100%. I can't stop listening to the song either.
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    I am feeling some type of way right now. also we spend like half of our days constantly talking about this movie.

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    Beat me to it!
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    Fuck yes, at any rate
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    Hell yeah
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    hell yes
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    Whoop whooooop