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    Happy to help.

    It’s by no means the worst MCU but I found very little enjoyment out of it and the humor was v bad.

    Glad you and @justin. like it though!
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    Sony saying Feige is too busy when he just produced 23 films of the biggest film franchise of all time in 11 years. Lol good one
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    I saw a Reddit comment that pointed out 50% of Far From Home’s gross is less than 100% of ASM2’s gross, so Sony made the right call in walking away. I assume the calculus is more complicated than that, but it makes sense that Sony would walk away if their huge commercial disappointment’s gross would still net them more than the offer Disney put up.
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    It's literally my favorite live action comic book film, lol. Such a well written, well paced, character driven genre film. But guess its tone isn't for everyone.
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    Hey I’m always down for a rewatch! I’m not sure I’ve seen it since theaters - so I’ll try and catch it soon.

    I was pleasantly surprised with my rewatch of ASM2 last week. Enjoyed so much of it. The one thing I’ll never understand is where they thought they were going with that super goofy planes-almost-crashing scene haha
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    do it coward
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    Reading between the lines, it sounds like the main issue is Disney not being cool with their very important employee putting work into films that they're not seeing returns for, especially w/ their expansion into Disney+ stuff. (Which, obligatory reminder that Disney's expansion is actively bad for the industry.)
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    Yeah, so if this is legit, Disney purchasing Fox is partially to blame for this.
  9. Tim

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    A little bit, but honestly, mostly Disney+. All those shows are under Kevin Feige, not Jeph Loeb, so his workload has basically doubled.

    This reminds me of when Joss Whedon was hired to create Agents of SHIELD, & then told he couldn't focus any energy towards that after being hired for Ultron.
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    It may not mean anything, but apparently Tom unfollowed almost everything Sony related on Instagram.
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    I doubt it will mean anything in how things play out, but I'm sure its relative to his feelings towards it.
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    If Tom is mad (which wouldn't surprise me), w/ how bad he is at watching his mouth, that could lead to some Bautista style bad PR. Though, in spite of this being Disney's fault like that was, this will of course instead feed into the Sony pile on. If I were Sony, I'd make putting that potential fire out a top priority.

    Granted, I'm still thinking he's signed on for one more Spider-Man film either way. And, if he makes another film w/ Jon, Zendaya, & Jacob, & it's just as fun, & he has a nice contract & the prospect of meeting Tom Hardy's Venom in front of him... I'm sure he'll play ball.
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  14. But someone needs to tell him to use a hyphen.

    Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 10.46.04 AM.png
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  16. And, he's still following multiple Sony Pictures accounts on Twitter.
  17. [​IMG]
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    It's the British spelling
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    Hey Jeremy Renner - Stan Lee is dead. But anyways, he still appeared in Sony's "Spider-Man" movies when he was alive, so it's weird to rope him into this anyway.
  22. phaynes12

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    y'all gotta quit cucking me with these fake screenshots. check your sources, please!
  23. Nick

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    This shit is fucking ridiculous. They’re just trying to stir up Marvel fanboys to put pressure on Sony. It’s Disney being greedy that’s the problem.
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