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Sparta – “Graveyard Luck”

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. Former Planets

    Aaaachem! Supporter

    A) What an awesome surprise, was just listening to their first album yesterday.
    B) This is Sparta?
  3. Madmod


    Holy shit! This is so unexpected.
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  4. adelphi_rocks

    Newbie Supporter

    kinda reminds of QOTSA mixed with a bit of DFA1979
  5. bachna84

    we are nothing more than mannequins Supporter

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  6. Honeymagnolia

    Regular Supporter

    Saying video not available for me?
  7. littlejohn

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  8. littlejohn

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  9. circasurviver


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  10. littlejohn

    Prestigious Prestigious

    yes, now on a sparta binge.
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  11. circasurviver


    That sounds like a good idea.
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  12. Orla

    right on!

    Woah! Presumed they fizzled out for good after ATDI reunited without Jim, but I’m so glad they’re doing something again
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  13. Same. Curious if this is even the same (mostly former ATDI) band, or Jim + new band.
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  14. Orla

    right on!

    Just checked Sparta’s Wikipedia page. Looks like the band is now Jim, Matt, and two new guys
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  15. Gen Handley


    I'm so excited about this. I want Collapse played at my funeral.
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  16. circasurviver


    I’ll see to it.
  17. I feel like this post and that dumb looking cover art should've tipped me off that there's no way in hell I am going to like this.

    Oh well, there'll always be Wiretap Scars.
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  18. circasurviver


    Is that the only album you enjoyed?

    It’s my favorite, but I really like the other 2
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  19. I like Threes a lot and I loved the first song off of Porcelain. But nothing touched Wiretap.
  20. Former Planets

    Aaaachem! Supporter

    It was definitely a different beast.
  21. circasurviver


    Didn’t they release a single in like 2011?
    Hopefully something comes after this one.
  22. Was hoping Keeley Davis was still involved in this, but looks like that's not the case. I thought he brought a great energy to the band during the Threes era. They sounded fantastic on that tour. Makes sense though since he replaced Jim in ATDI.

    That being said, I'll be psyched if this leads to a new Sparta record.
  23. Toner

    A Welshy in London Supporter

    Video not available for me :/ Guess I'll play Threes to pass the time...
  24. It’s on iTunes and Spotify etc
  25. Toner

    A Welshy in London Supporter

    Ah it's weirdly not on their actual artist page on Spotify... Thanks for the heads up though! Found it now B-)

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