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Sparrow Sleeps Releases Third Eye Blind Lullabies

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Dec 18, 2017.

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    Sparrow Sleeps have released lullaby renditions of Third Eye Blind. You can now order Out of the Womb on their website.

    Track Listing

    1. Graduate
    2. Semi Charmed Life
    3. Good Man
    4. Non-Dairy Creamer
    5. Faster
    6. Jumper
    7. How’s It Going To Be
    8. Blinded
    9. Company of Strangers
    10. God of Wine

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  2. shawnhyphenray


  3. Former Planets


    Maybe these guys don’t need to put out seven albums of these things every week...
  4. tyramail

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    I genuinely enjoy these, so I’m not complaining.
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  5. No “motorcycle drive by?” Man, I’ll wait for vol. 2
  6. KyleK

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    Why not? Clearly they've got a process all sorted for making them quickly, and this way they can keep covering more artists to ensure there's something for the tastes of everyone (who likes pop punk and emo).
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  7. Exactly. My kid is 2. When he was born, there weren't many albums to choose from. Hopefully we'll have a second soon and then I'll have a deep bag to pull from.
  8. ReginaPhilange

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    My kid is only gonna fall asleep to metal lullabies~