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Spark Comes to the Mac

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 30, 2016.

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    Spark, an email client I’ve often recommended on iOS, has come to the Mac today. MacStories has a good review of the app:

    It’s good to see Spark come to the Mac and I’m sure fans of the iOS app will be pleased that Readdle brought many features of the iOS version to macOS. Despite some rough edges and quirks in version 1.0, Spark’s clean design, email management tools, and ability sync with the iOS version using iCloud make it a solid choice, especially for users of Spark for iOS.

    I haven’t given it a spin yet, but the screenshots look good.

  2. kidwithhelmet


    I go back and forth between Spark and Polymail. Glad they both have Mac options now, though.
  3. thevheissu

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    Just installed it. I haven't had a go to e-mail client since Mailbox died.
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  4. Aj LaGambina

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  5. PatRFinley

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    I used Spark until I found Polymail. I definitely like Polymail better, but maybe I'll check this out anyway.

    I still just wish I had Mailbox back though.