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SoundCloud to Offer Free “Digital Mastering”

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 25, 2016.

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    SoundCloud has teamed up with LANDR to offer a free “mastering” service to their members. From the SoundCloud blog announcing this partnership:

    Driven by the smartest algorithms in the game, LANDR’s all-in-one, drag and drop interface makes mastering your tracks easier than ever. For this partnership, LANDR has created a new format specifically optimized for SoundCloud streaming.

    Really I’m just excited I can now make jokes about how algorithms can do a better mastering job on albums than some bands end up with.

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  2. sawhney[rusted]

    luv is blind

    This is so cool.
  3. jorbjorb

    7 rings

    curious to see how good it is.....
  4. Sander


    There is absolutely no chance of LANDR ever giving you a better result than an actual mastering engineer. Some kid with a pirated copy of ozone and no idea how to use it could do a better job. It's barely "mastering".
  5. Dumpweed182

    Shut Up

    Not a fan of your bad vibe
  6. Have you heard Knuckle Puck?
  7. Sander


    I hear a bunch of super crappy production and mixing decisions. Obviously the mastering isn't anything good either, but it's barely a problem here. I'd say the mastering is actually much worse on the new Thrice record (the whole thing clipping when the toms hit at the end of Hurricane etc etc).
  8. No idea what you're listening to ... some weird rip? Cause that definitely doesn't exist on my copy.
  9. Sander


    Around the 4:20 mark. It's definitely on youtube and Spotify.

    It's honestly no big deal, but it's just weird that nobody noticed.
  10. Definitely not on my copy.

    (And this is mixed and mastered much, much better than that Knuckle Puck album. It's not even close.)
  11. SoundInTheSignals

    @Bake_Wear /

    Yeah I agree. Thrice is way ahead with their overall final audio presented. I like the KP album songwriting wise quite a bit. The mixing and mastering (and honestly probably production) cause some big issues on the final product.
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  12. Sander


    It's most obvious around the 4:27 mark, but it's there earlier too (during the drum fills). Focus on the edges of the stereo field and you'll hear weird distortion during the drum fills.

    And you're problably right, the mastering in general is probably better on the Thrice record. I first noticed that weird distortion while I was writing my original comment and it seemed like the perfect thing to illustrate what an actual bad mastering job sounds like (versus a bad mixing job). BUT I'd still argue that the mastering on the knuckle puck record is not the reason why it sounds like shit.
  13. I mean, I have the album, I'm listening, it's definitely not there on the copy I have on the album. I'm listening to an ALAC copy though, not Spotify.

    Oh, I would say it sounds like shit for many reasons. But I'd also say a LANDR version isn't any better or worse. Which is my main point ... there are albums where this weird solution is better than what they released to people. In 10 years I bet computers do it better on a consistent basis.
  14. SmugPug


    This is a great idea and concept, but very difficult to execute with any degree of accuracy. If mastering people were this disposable and easy to mimic, it would have been done a long time ago.