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SoundCloud is in Trouble

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 6, 2017.

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    SoundCloud Ltd. is cutting about 40 percent of its staff in a cost-cutting move the digital music service says will give it a better financial footing to compete against larger rivals Spotify Ltd. and Apple Inc.

    SoundCloud, which in January said it was at risk of running out of money, informed staff on Thursday that 173 jobs would be eliminated. It had 420 employees. The company’s operations will be consolidated at its headquarters in Berlin and another office in New York. Offices in San Francisco and London will be shut.

    Guess I should start giving serious thought to where I’d host the podcast if they go under.

  2. Tim McCall


    I recommend Bandcamp to host the Podcast.
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  3. backbynewyears


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  4. Malatesta

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    my only problem with bandcamp is afaik they dont offer automatic rss feed generation so it's kind of clunky if you want to set up a feed to push to itunes