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  1. beachdude

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    This movie is wild. After having a bit to sit with it I think I love it. It's definitely flawed a bit in how all the elements come together, but holy shit is it original and inventive.
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  2. aoftbsten

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    This is certainly one of the weirdest movies I've ever seen, but I had a fucking blast. The dialogue feels a little on the nose for a lot of it, but I suppose it fits with the surreal world.
  3. tdlyon

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    Was really, really hoping I would like this more than I did. Definitely very enjoyable and absolutely insane but not everything worked imo. Cast is really great though and Lakeith will definitely be a star
  4. I searched twitter out of curiosity and saw that I'm not first to this or anything, but I feel this is a good companion piece to Okja. I had honestly forgot Yeun was in both, too.
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  5. this was something else
  6. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  7. jmwhit04

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    Just saw this yesterday and what an experience.

    Does anyone else think Danny Glover’s character could’ve been a lower level version of what Armie’s character wanted Lakeith to be? Someone working for them who’s amongst the striking labor force who also recruits and grooms potential candidates for future “transition.”
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  8. cricketandclover

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    Not sure what I watched last night.
  9. Garrett L.

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    Somehow this is both “poignant message” and “dafuq did I just watch”
  10. Marx&Recreation


    I interpreted it more as the exact opposite - that he was just as capable as Lakeith’s character of betraying the workers but didn’t.

    But I also think that his character is a good example of one of the more general flaws of the movie, which is that a lot of things seemed like half formed ideas.
  11. supernovagirl

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    this was "oh that looks interesting, I'd see it with moviepass" then heard loads of praise that has taken this to a must see. Gonna try and catch it this week and then catch up with this thread
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  12. jkauf

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    Kind of disappointing overall, but really enjoyed/appreciated quite a few elements.
  13. Marx&Recreation


    Sorry To Bother You (Boots Riley, 2018)

  14. supernovagirl

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    ok so I watched it and I can not express how different it was than what I was expecting haha it was good though for sure
  15. AP_Punk

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    Great write-up on the film that focuses on its anti-capitalist message:

    “Crazy” Anticapitalism
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    wokest movie 2k18
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    I loved this. Could not be farther from what I was expecting it to be but I absolutely loved it
  19. jordalsh

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    holy shit this was incredible
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  22. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    Seeing this tonight. Can't fucking wait.
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    Peruvian cocaine? Red flag right there
  25. Serh

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