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Sorority Noise Drop Off Tour

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 11, 2018.

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  2. web250

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  3. Malatesta

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    well, fuck.
  4. CMilliken


    Does anyone think this has anything to do with Old Gray having a farewell tour and Sorority Noise going on hiatus?
  5. fucking hell. ok. firstly: that is horrible news re: sorority noise. on a personal note I was really looking forward to seeing them on this tour but they've royally fucked up with this one. it's important to acknowledge that my feelings are unimportant in this scenario though. with that being said: cam boucher is not a person I will support going forward (if he even remains involved in music or tries to return to the scene with either sono or old gray, and I stand with the victim. I think it was unbelievably shitty of Nicole to (seemingly) jump the gun on this, but now the victim has spoken up there's not much else I need to hear.

    (on another note it's a damn shame the Forgettable ghost avatar needs to be binned but oh well.)
  6. KyleK

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    Reading the post by the victim, it sounds as though her and Cam only just talked about it last night, and she herself had no idea that Nicole was going to make her story public. So I don't expect he ever saw this making news now (and probably didn't even recognize he'd committed the abuse in the first place), so I doubt that was the motivation for announcing the hiatus a while back.
  7. Yellowcard2006


    Woah last I heard Cam said it was 100% false and there was no specifics. Breaks my heart to read the victims story and also sad to know it wasn't her decision to make it public.
  8. DesireToPlease


    "I woke up to him touching me. When I finally woke up we started engaging in sex again"

    Can someone explain where the rape is? I am absolutely not trying to sound like a dick, but am only acknowledging that I might have missed something vital. I would love an open-minded response sans the disdain for my confusion.
  9. Hazelnutsack Apr 12, 2018
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    The only thing that’s sketchy to me is that he didn’t wear a condom, but personally it seems like a bit of a reach to call reciprocated sex after consensual sex rape (unless there’s more info elsewhere in which case fuck Cam). I feel like the term is becoming too much of a blanket statement rather than the impactful and damning statement it is.
  10. DesireToPlease


    I wouldn't call this situation an example of rape either.
  11. takaime


    "my back was turned and he penetrated me without my consent, knowledge, or a condom. I immediately felt like something was wrong"
    this is like hitting the textbook definition of rape
  12. SamLevi11

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    ngl you were the first person I thought of in terms of fans because I knew how hard this would hit you. Hope you're okay regardless.
  13. DesireToPlease


    Right, but they had already had sex, and when she didn't say anything to stop him from initiating a second round, he probably assumed it acceptable and she was okay with it.
  14. cwhit

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    and it is not at all. this is why sexual education needs to focus on consent because this definitely isn't
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  15. jorbjorb

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  16. DesireToPlease


    I know how that might've sounded, but I'm just pointing out that, regardless of guilt, he probably did not have it in his mind that he was going to commit rape. It is possible that she made him feel as if touching her in his bed was okay. I'm absolutely open to these discussions and do not seek to offend anyone .
  17. DesireToPlease


    If there is a lesson to be taught here with me as the learner and someone else as the instructor, I will absolutely receive the lesson, but I refuse to do so from you. You have your heart in the right place, that's so clear, but you are absolutely insufferable.
  18. cwhit

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    can you tell me where in that post my tone is unsufferable? i am straight up pointing out that what he did was not consent. that's an objective fact. there is nothing consent about that
  19. DesireToPlease


    It would be a bit hyperbolic if I were referring to that post alone. Moving forward, if you could try your absolute hardest to refrain from communicating with me, I would really appreciate it. I say this with all due respect as a fellow lover of music.
  20. cwhit

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    there's an ignore button for that. i will absolutely not ever let this go. things are far more important than your feelings being hurt here.
  21. DesireToPlease


    My feelings aren't hurt. I didn't know that. Thanks, I'll find it.
  22. tyramail

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    Uh, she woke up to him touching her. She was asleep. How is that fucking consensual? Consent once or twice or a thousand times does not mean consent every time. It’s really not a hard concept to grasp.
  23. Arry

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    uhh dude raw dog penetration without any foreplay is painful af. sorry to be so blunt but it's not fun. it's super violating. just because you had sexual interaction the night previous, doesn't mean consent the next day. especially with your back turned and half asleep.
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  24. Kiana

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    If someone penetrated me without my consent and especially without a condom I'd def consider it an act of violence.

    A lot of people view sexual acts while the other person is sleeping as consensual and idgi. I took a philosophy course once where we discussed consent and some ppl were livid the instructor said it wasn't consensual but like.... if someone is unconscious they literally have no way of giving the okay or having any say on what's happening to them
  25. tyramail

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    100% agree I don’t get why people think it’s okay. Even with my girlfriend of 3 and a half years I would never touch her while she’s asleep and I would find it violating if she did that to me. People have a weird view when it comes to having given consent once before or being in a relationship with the person. They can still be violating and act without consent.
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