Sorority Noise and TWIABP Stream 7″

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 19, 2016.

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  2. Chase Tremaine

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    One of these songs is better than the other... :teethsmile:
  3. KidLightning

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  4. Chase Tremaine

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  5. Chase Tremaine

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    Wasn't trying to be jerky, by the way. I was actually really hoping someone like yourself would see my comment who got the reference to yesterday's JEW thread.
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  6. EmmanuelSCastle


    how come both of these bands are so good???
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  7. KidLightning

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    Totally didn't catch that reference, haha. But I legitimately like these songs about equally, albeit after only one listen each.
  8. Chase Tremaine

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    Oh? Funny. Never mind then. I genuinely hated the Sorority Noise song, but mostly just because of the singer's voice and the off-rhythm he was singing at. The song could be better written than I'm giving it credit for.
  9. Strikegently

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    That TWIABP track has a Harmlessness feel to it; so much so that I'm not entirely convinced it was not recorded for Harmlessness but bumped later on.
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  10. Blake Solomon

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    Both songs are so rad
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  11. Aaron Mook

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    Cam sounding more and more like Matt Berninger
  12. CMilliken


    Dig both of these tracks.
  13. DoctorM


    Was at the bear vs shark show in Chicago last night and twiabp dropped off the bill both nights and rumors that they have broken up... Anyone heard anything about this?