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Sorority Noise: “You’re Not As _____ As You Think”

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. Yellowcard2006


    Exciting to see what their next album will bring. Joy, Departed was great.

    Wonder if that's the title...
  3. CMilliken Jan 10, 2017
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    Joy Departed was one of my favorite albums from 2015. So their next is highly anticipated from me. Hope to get some info on it soon. Pretty powerful little clip.
  4. KyleK

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    Seconded. Their music has been some of the most emotionally powerful I've heard over the course of their few releases, and I'm curious what the next album will bring.
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  5. relientcasey


    I'm generally excited, but does anyone else feel like Cam is trying to do too much and that the quality of what he's released this year has suffered?
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  6. ChicagoBowls


    Nah man,The band's been touring a bit more often so I'm assuming the guys have had been putting a lot of writing during those periods. Now, they got time to chill and record everything.
  7. CMilliken


    I have worried about that, but then Old Gray released an amazing album and now I completely trust/will listen to anything he works on. Sorority Noise is definitely my favorite project of his so if he were to put that on hold for another one of his I'd be a little sad.
  8. relientcasey


    I need to give the Old Gray record a listen. I haven't vibed too much with their stuff in the past.

    What I meant by that is the Sorority Noise EP and his solo work he put out in 2016 just didn't stick with me. I never really came back to it.
  9. btr

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    Cam said the EP isn't a preview of how they're going to sound moving forward. It was just a way for them to put out material that wouldn't fit on an album otherwise. I remember reading a tweet saying the new record is completely different from the EP. It does seem like Cam's always working on something, though.
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  10. smowashere

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    So here for this. This band continues to excite me.
  11. tshreve


    Old Gray's new album was amazing, everything Sorority Noise has released past Forgettable has been pretty bland and forced to me though unfortunately
  12. crunchprank Prestigious

    What an absolutely phenomenal record from start to finish. Cam's writing at its finest imo. I also personally liked this little tidbit from the Stereogum interview