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Sonny Moore Shares New Song That People Think May Be From First to Last

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 1, 2016.

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  2. ttmessick Aug 1, 2016
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    I'll re-post what I just posted in the other thread here:

    I follow Travis on Twitter - and this could easily mean nothing - he was telling everyone to go follow Derek (Bloom, original drummer) after all this buzz started. Derek has basically been off the grid for quite awhile as far as I can tell so the timing was interesting.

    Pretty stoked for whatever this is! Love these guys!!!

    Edit: Spencer confirmed on Twitter that he is no longer singing for FFTL. He also said he found out about all of this "the same way" we did.
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  3. mattylikesfilms


    Hahaha this is awful, if this ends up being the real deal.

    Be careful of what you wish for people.
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  4. skurt

    Sleekest of beaks. So Good.

    No thanks, get Matt Good back on vocals and I will be happy as heck.
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  5. mattylikesfilms


    Real talk though, Heroine is a good record.
  6. bptky Aug 1, 2016
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    check out Musica - Akron's best live music venue

    What's wrong with their current lineup? They had all those bonus remade tracks on the last album with Spencer on vocals, sounded much better than anything Sonny ever helped FFTL record.
  7. RiseAgainst379


    Yeah the vocals don't sound great based on the clip. The music I think could be interesting, but my hopes are not high.
  8. TFT87


  9. Richard

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    The vocal sound a bit crap?
  10. mattylikesfilms


    Sure it is. I mean for the band and 2006/genre it is for sure. "Mothersound", "The Latest Plague", "...And We All Have A Hell", "Shame Shame", "The Crows are Coming for Us", and "The Levy" are all jams and the best stuff the band has and will ever do in my eyes. I once in a long while will jam out to those.
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  11. JP4hire

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    From the bottom of his credit card lol. It's okay. I agree with whoever said bring Matt back to vocals. Throne to the Wolves was really good.
  12. Bane

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    Dead Trees was great, so this is a bit odd and the vocals were a bit off but I'm curious what would happen if Sonny wanted to step into From First to Last again with his immense fame and what it would do to the band. Also yeah I still like their first 2 albums, been awhile since I listened to them ESPECIALLY Dear Diary but I think it would still be fine for me
  13. SamLevi11

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    I loved this bands early work, but nothing since has grabbed me, to be honest. I would check this out though.
  14. paperlung

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  15. ARo24


    I don't believe Sonny can sing much anymore but I'm still interested. It would great to hear the Herione lineup again.
  16. Ben Lee

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    Those lyrics are weird.
  17. mattylikesfilms


    Am I wrong or did he mention snapchat in those lyrics??
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  18. skogsraet

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    "Anymore" implies he could sing to begin with...that said, I still love early FFTL and I'd be interested to see what happens if he returns, but I did really like what Spencer did with the old stuff. It kinda made it new again.
  19. ARo24


    Well during Dear Diary he was like 16 years old. I'm sure he didn't receive any kind of lessons until right before Herione. I have no problem saying he could sing pre his vocal node issues.
  20. skogsraet

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    I'm thinking we have different definitions of singing. I'll concede Sonny was inexperienced as a vocalist and he had vocal nodes on top of that...all the more reason why I'm curious to hear him sing again.
  21. Bryan Diem


    It's not. It's a real great record.
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  22. Bryan Diem


    Can't forget Title Track, World War Me, and especially Afterbirth, which is INSANE.
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  23. Throne to the Wolves is by far their best record and Dead Trees is by far their worst, with Dear Diary right in the middle, so... if we can't get Matt to sing again, I'll take Sonny over emotionless Spencer. Plus, it'd be hilarious to see all the Skrillex fans start embracing mall screamo ahaha
  24. Bane

    The spiciest meme

    I thought Dead Trees was great, it kept my attention way more than their self titled or Throne to the Wolves did at the times I listened to those way back when.
  25. Bryan Diem


    Throne to the Wolves is incredible dawg whaaaat. Let's get ranking.

    Heroine maybe edges TttW > dear diary > fftl=dead trees