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Something Corporate’s ‘Played in Space’ Comes to Vinyl

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. youwontknow

    If I smile with my teeth, bet you'd believe me

  3. Craig Manning

    @FurtherFromSky Moderator

    Minus "Konstantine."
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  4. cwhit

    still emperor emo Prestigious

    interesting, four years ago SRC announced they were pressing this and the soco camp said it was being done without their consent, very interesting


  6. DearCory


    Issue was that it was being released pretty closely time wise to LTTW and North, so the band asked them to hold off a little while. Guess they finally gave the green light... or SRC said screw it

    Also, this is up on Amazon... the Red is an SRC exclusive, and I'd assume "white" is the retail variant
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  7. youwontknow

    If I smile with my teeth, bet you'd believe me

    With Konstantine, they'd have to make it a triple vinyl lol
  8. Craig Manning

    @FurtherFromSky Moderator

    Or they could have cut the inessential remixes. Instead of, you know, the most beloved song in the band's catalog.
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  9. youwontknow

    If I smile with my teeth, bet you'd believe me

    LOL, fair point! But I find the greatest hits of a band and "the most essential" typically have little overlap.
  10. youwontknow

    If I smile with my teeth, bet you'd believe me

    I guess I mean to the diehard fans who tend to be most affected by a band's deep cuts. Or is it the fact that the major fans just don't wanna share their fav tracks with the mainstream people out there?! This is a larger discussion I think...
  11. Craig Manning

    @FurtherFromSky Moderator

    I mean, the only people who are going to buy this pressing are the die-hard fans. "Konstantine" was already on the CD version of this, so it was considered a "greatest hit" back then. Someone actively decided it was the song they should cut. Which, I mean, it is a nine and a half minute song, but it's also not on vinyl anywhere, unlike the North and Leaving Through the Window songs. AND they kept a remix of "I Woke up in a Car" from the Owl City guy.

    I would have bought this if "Konstantine" was on it, just because I don't think they'll ever press Songs for Silent Movies. I'd almost buy it for the Window tracks, since I haven't found that one on wax yet, but I'd rather just wait for another repress or for the day I stumble upon an affordable copy.
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  12. youwontknow

    If I smile with my teeth, bet you'd believe me

    That's fair. I once drove from Canada to SF just to see SoCo do a reunion tour - which is: I once drove from Canada to SF to see SoCo perform Konstantine live. The most perfect 9.5 minutes ever.
  13. DearCory


    Konstantine was on the pressing of Leaving Through the Window as a bonus track... and I'd love to get an Audioboxer and SfSM pressing!
  14. SlappinCups

    Hurley apologist Prestigious

    damn! don't know whether to pull the trigger on the red variant or not. I would just rather have two separate albums...
  15. Craig Manning

    @FurtherFromSky Moderator

    Oh dang, didn't know that. I've only seen the pressing that didn't have it.
  16. tjm


    You've never seen a pressing without Konstantine on it because it does not exist. Also, those of you who pre-ordered and have never dealt with SRC good luck on that release date in October because you'll be lucky to see it before January, so I hope you don't mind waiting.
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  17. Elder Lightning

    Grimace! As the Eternal Cowboy Supporter

    Yeah, that’s a deal breaker for me.

    I’d probably pay $29.99 for a pressing of just “Konstantine” on a 10 or 12 inch with the lyrics etched on the back, or the live version as the b-side.
  18. Loki

    God of mischief

    Pre-ordered both versions... I am an Andrew collecting completist.

    I am sure I am the vast minority, but I am more bummed about the omission of the re-record of "Letters to Noelle"
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  19. Craig Manning

    @FurtherFromSky Moderator

    Yeah, same. I just want that song in my record collection, in some capacity.
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  20. AlwaysEvolving21

    Trusted Supporter

    I miss this band a lot.
  21. eboo


    I came to say this. Between the release of North and LTTW this greatest hits is a waste. I'd rather a b-sides collection or demos release.
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  22. MightyBrian

    This is where I am suppose to write something cool Prestigious

    I was at that show to, but didnt have to make that far of a drive
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  23. DearCory


    My assumption (at this point) is the band isn't wanting to promote this because they see it as the same. Andrew has been completely silent on it after stopping the initial pressing
  24. youwontknow

    If I smile with my teeth, bet you'd believe me

    Yea, It was a goodie!
  25. karcrashianpanache

    hysterical and useless

    Pulled the trigger on this way too quickly... didn't even notice it was missing Konstantine :(