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Some Stuff to Think About on a Slow News Day

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 5, 2018.

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    Given the slow news day, I wanted to highlight a few things I think are worth your look.

    One of the longtime members of our forum community, nohandstoholdonto, is raising money for surgery:

    My name is Audrey, I’m 25 years old, and I’m a transgender woman. I’ve been medically transitioning for just about three years now, and while being on hormones has greatly helped me get closer to feeling more like the woman I know myself to be on the inside, I still frequently wrestle with gender dysphoria due to my current genitals… to put it bluntly. Unfortunately, the costs to actually surgically correct this issue are prohibitively expensive.

    Our Comic Book thread continues to be a great resource if you like, or want to get into, comic books. I recently asked what the best book people have read in the past three months is, and I’m looking forward to going through the recommendations.

    I also asked on Twitter who the most underrated pop-punk band of the early 2000’s was. I posited FenixTX and I’ve been having a blast reading the mentions and seeing all these other bands that could take the crown. If you’ve got a vote, let me hear it, I’ll be making a playlist of the most popular in the next few days.

    And, lastly, I found this article by The Washington Post, asking if the Billboard music charts are meaningless in the streaming age, thought provoking:

    All these headlines spark a few questions: If records are being broken every time the chart-bearers change the rules, then do they mean anything? Is it fair to compare Beyoncé and the Beatles? It was harder to purchase “The White Album” than to put a stream of “Lemonade” on repeat, after all. And if not, what happens to the way we conceive of the history of popular music? Meanwhile, are those shifting metrics altering the actual music we, the consumers, are receiving?

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  2. TerrancePryor Prestigious

    Comic books, eh? Hmmmmmm.
  3. nohandstoholdonto

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    Thanks a ton, Jason. :heart:
  4. Zip It Chris

    Be kind; everyone is on their own journey.

    Good stuff...responded to your Twitter thread.
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  5. I don’t use Twitter, but in regards to most underrated band from that genre/era, I’ll always put Spitalfield’s name in the hat!
  6. Smart. What's it like not reading a feed of horrors each day?
  7. JamesMichael

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    @Jason Tate damn checking that underrated bands many classics! Still gutted Home Grown never released anymore music. The demos that surfaced a few years ago sounded so promising too.

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  8. I'm gonna have to go find these demos.
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  9. alkalinexandy

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    After reading that list of "underrated" pop-punk bands, I think my vote is for Junction 18 over any of them. I would say Over It, but they at least garnered a decent bit of attention (enough to land them on a major label). They should have been bigger (and I would argue, should have had at least 1-2 Top 40-level hits given the quality of the songs and the era in which they were released)...

    But Junction 18 should have been significantly bigger, and I'm pretty sure they didn't ever really break out beyond the east coast.

    Another contender for me would be Gatsby's American Dream, but I'm not sure that they'd count...
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  10. KyleK

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    Signed out of mine before a trip to the US last year and never signed back in again. Admittedly didn't use it all that much before, but haven't missed in one bit. There's unfortunately plenty of other sources of unending negativity and discrimination if I really want to subject myself to it (or more often simply can't avoid it).
  11. spencpants

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    @Jason Tate big fan of Mark Hoppus' answer for most-underrated band.
  12. BradBradley


    I noticed several people mentioned Sugarcult as the most underrated pop punk band. I thought that was interesting. I don’t really see them as having been underrated. I’m pretty sure all of my friends could’ve named a couple of Sugarcult songs in the early/mid 2000s. It would’ve been pretty close to impossible to have not heard “Bouncing Off the Walls” or “Memory.” I still love a lot of their music, and though I would definitely argue that their last album was underrated... they had a lot more success than most of the other bands in that thread.
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  13. teebs41

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    I’ve been lucky to get to know and become friends with @nohandstoholdonto over the last year or so and she is awesome. If you can’t contribute directly to the surgery please share on social media, you never know who is going to donate and make a difference!
  14. Serh

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  15. Pooch


    Autopilot Off will always be my answer