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Social Distortion

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by AlwaysEvolving21, Apr 8, 2020.

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  3. .K.

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    Such an influential and cool band. It’s funny hearing people like Bad Religion tell stories how their first show was opening for Social D, or Brian Fallon of the Gaslight Anthem talking about hearing “Story of My Life” and and knowing he needed to make music as a career.

    White Heat.... is definitely my favourite record by them, but they got a bunch of great songs. They definitely don’t pump out records often.
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  4. it is super nice to see musicians like Brian Fallon/Gaslight Anthem carry the torch. IDK if they ever talked about them being influenced, but I’d even say The Menzingers are carrying the torch too.

    Sex, Love and Rock N Roll became my favorite over the years.
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    Just watched that Pursuit of Tone video. Really cool. It kind of makes me realize that distinct band sound that Mike talks about. If Social D, or some of our other shared favourites have a new song, I feel like I can tell it’s them within :03 seconds. It’s not that they copy themselves at all, they just defined themselves musically/lyrically/by image so well they become icons.
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    Gaslight/Brian and Menzingers are two of my favourites. Something about embracing your influences and and making your own something special.
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  7. You nailed it. I love how Mike's tone comes from putting a capo on the 2nd fret at all times while playing through a 50 watt bass amp! Genius haha. He stay 100 all the time too. Love it.
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    I love hearing the passion this guy has for making music. I wish that video was 10-15 minutes longer and through in even more band history stuff, and talked about what he did for some of the more recent albums.
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  9. spreadthehummus2321

    wanna go for a ryyyde

    their more bluesy shit they reinvented themselves w was always kind of hit or miss for me but mommys little monters is defintely 1 of the best so cal punk records from that time
  10. Mike’s solo album Cheating at Solitaire still hold up well. It’s a great country rock album.
  11. Just watched this today. Had to go back and listen to Mike's solo stuff again...

  12. Did a discography run last few days.

    My favorite to least favorite:

    Sex, Love, and Rock N Roll (Still my favorite from them. It has my favorite guitar tones and the album is lean. It’s not too much and not too little. It’s a straight shooter.)

    White Light, White Heat, White Trash (I absolutely love the whole vibe and raw sound of this album. It’s huge. I would kill to see this album front to back in a live setting)

    Social Distortion (always a classic listen)

    Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes (a major road trip album for me. Bakersfield is fucking great)

    Mommy’s Little Monster (Still a sick punk album i prefer the ones above it more these days)

    Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell (Still not sure about this one but I do listen to it more than Prison Bound)

    Prison Bound (eventhough the title
    Track is the shit, I hardly ever listen to this album)
  13. .K.

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    White Heat
    Sex, Love
    Somewhere Between
    Hard Times
    Social D

    I only listen to certain tracks on the older albums. Somewhere between heaven and hell has some awesome tracks that could have benefitted from white heat style production
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  14. .K.

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    I thought Mike was working on new Social D years ago.
  15. He was. He also said he was writing more after quarantine started. Who knows when we will get something new at this point though haha. They haven’t even put out a song since 2011! Haha.