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Snapchat Company

Discussion in 'Technology Forum' started by arewhyayein, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. arewhyayein

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    Snap Inc. is now (has now) been a thing. I've been a big supporter for years. I just drove to their NYC 5th Avenue location yesterday and stood in line for 7 hours for Spectacles. (don't do it, the ONE vending machine inside is painfully slow...)

    If you're not into the style of the physical sunglasses then don't get them, but I have to say they're pretty fun for a first generation product. I would consider myself to be a "moderate" snapchat user. Things like HD video transfers are a bit clunky right now (it's SD/ pixilated without wifi), but the 360 degree video is very cool, as is the ability for hands free video.

    Music related: I'll always be that 6'3" guy blocking your view by (mostly being tall, but also) holding up my phone for a 10 second video at a concert, if you were thinking these might change that I doubt it. They'd work much better at an outdoor festival, lowlight videos are pretty poor right now from what I've seen.

    Also -- follow me @ redding.ryan and share your username if you care to.

    I'm definitely curious to see if anyone else has gotten their hands/ face on some Spectacles and to hear what you think of them.
  2. Brenden

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