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Snapchat Releases First Hardware Product

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 26, 2016.

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    Seth Stevenson, writing for The Wall Street Journal, on Snapchat’s new hardware product, “Spectacles.”

    What initially appears to be a normal pair of sunglasses turns out to be Spectacles, the first hardware product from Snap Inc., as the firm has been newly christened (Spiegel is refreshing the company name because its offerings now go beyond the Snapchat app). When you slip Spectacles on and tap a button near the hinge, it records up to 10 seconds of video from your first-person vantage. Each new tap records another clip.

    They’re hideous and I expect to see them at concerts in the not so distant future.

  2. jorbjorb

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  3. subplotofcrows

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  4. ale5875


    They might be awful, but if every Snapchat user started wearing them at shows, there would be fewer phones up in the air obstructing my view.
  5. CMilliken


    Gonna fail.
  6. ianzandi


    It's gunna flop but can't blame them for trying something new I guess. I had an idea a little while back of Instagram-inspired sunglasses like this that could just change the filter of everything you see. Camera and geotagging included.
  7. danielinskeep

    Photo Guy

    This to me is the most beneficial aspect of these Snapglasses.
  8. oneeightytwo


    If they develop a remote for it, so you don't see peoples hands reaching for their glasses every 10 seconds.
  9. SayHello


    I like the idea behind them, but at that point why not just carry around a camera with you? I'm sure the technology is better and you can frame the exact shots you want. Plus, these glasses look VERY clunky and nerdy.
  10. jlinitz

    John Linitz @jlinitz

    the 'any orientation' video is a pretty cool idea, but I don't see these doing well. Brands & celebs will hop on them and that's about it. Lower price point than google glass, but it's just 10 second videos and thats about it lol
  11. therookielot

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    remember the Instagram camera?