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  1. estebanwaseaten


    the image this conjured up needs to see the light of day
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  2. tomtom94


    The major thing, for me, that differentiates this record from the previous three is that they have definitely dialled up the weird again (but without losing the hooks).
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  3. chewbacca110

    Beer/horror podcast - listen everywhere

    Make America People = Shit Again
  4. owenlongsworth


    Since CD stickers have always kind of been an indicator of future singles, the sticker on the CD says “featuring Unsainted, Spiders, Nero Forte”
  5. Cameron

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    Listened to this earlier, and thought it was really good. Haven’t listened to new Slipknot since AHiG, but Weinberg does p good on this
  6. The one thing I find really odd about this is the record scratching stuff. Hearing it on a record like this feels so out of place. It feels like the remnants of a time I don't care for in music.
  7. tomtom94


    Would make sense for Nero Forte to be essentially the Killpop of this record
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  8. angrycandy

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    yeah this is great
  9. JM95


    The melodies feel so much better than the last two albums.
  10. chewbacca110

    Beer/horror podcast - listen everywhere

    The way the “Not Long For This World” chorus melody resolves is *chef’s kiss*.
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  11. radiodead


    This is my first Slipknot record. I like.
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  12. Micah511

    A higher lonely power sits at our side

    If this came out immediately after Vol 3 I think the general perception of Slipknot would look a lot different today.

    This record reminds me of ADTR in the way that, yeah, I know it isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s essentially pop songs disguised as metal, but they execute it flawlessly. I’m on Not Long For This World. Wow.
  13. cherrywaves


    This is how I feel about his pseudo-rapping in some of the verses
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  14. Cameron

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    Man Solway Firth is fantastic. That little guitar twang throughout is nice
  15. Nero is #1 on liquid metal this week. Fuck yeah.
  16. y2jayjk

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    gonna drive around and check this out today im pumped
  17. amorningofsleep

    Dear Ambellina....

  18. dotKev

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    After several run throughs, I still think Solway Firth is the strongest song by far.

    I'll be honest - it's been growing on me whereas The Gray Chapter was an immediate addiction. Not saying I dislike it by any stretch - Jay Weinberg stands out especially strong throughout this record - but I need a few more days with it before ranking it appropriately.

    I'm definitely hearing way more Vol 3 than Iowa here, for whatever that's worth (not necessarily a bad thing).
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  19. Cameron

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    Vol.3 is their most underrated so that’s good
  20. tomtom94


    It's interesting because I would agree with you except I hear more Iowa than Vol 3 (which I think was more prominent on Gray Chapter, e.g. AOV or The One That Kills the Least).

    I think on my listens so far Gray Chapter has a stronger structure as an album but also more fluff than WANYK. And, on the subject of comparisons to that album - working with Greg Fidelman again was a *really* good idea.
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  21. SteveLikesMusic

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    Soooo liiiiike

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  22. cherrywaves


    Good record. I think what drew me to the first two records is how raw and unhinged they were, feeling like they could go off the rails at any moment. That being said they sound like a well oiled machine here, firing on all cylinders
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  23. Supernova

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    AOV gets me pumped so so much. Liking this more than Gray Chapter I think.
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  24. fredwordsmith

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    Nero Forte should get them from arenas and into stadiums. That chorus is a monolith.
  25. amorningofsleep

    Dear Ambellina....

    Corey is so on point on Solway.
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