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Sleater-Kinney - The Center Won't Hold (August 16, 2019) Album • Page 5

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by iCarly Rae Jepsen, May 23, 2019.

  1. iCarly Rae Jepsen

    I want your stupid love Supporter

  2. holy shit this knocked me OUT

    this song became exactly what i was hoping it would become all at once

    corin is unparalleled
  3. this is like maybe the best song i've heard this year

    i love the way this leads into hurry on home
  4. radiodead


    The title track made me realize how industrial hurry on home is.
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  5. username

    hey you lil piss baby

    New track is nuts. I did not expect that.
  6. Drew Beringer

    @drewberinger Moderator

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  7. Drew Beringer

    @drewberinger Moderator

    This quote by Carrie really resonated with me and is a great way to view the future of S-K

    “Corin and I started this band and we’ll end it. It was a long and really special journey with Janet, but there’s also something about it being Corin and I that feels familiar and very normal.”
  8. Jim

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  9. username

    hey you lil piss baby

    Damn, love this one
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  10. this rocks, Carrie's vocals sound so good
  11. Jim

    Trusted Supporter

    Liked this on my first listen
  12. my record is supposed to get shipped to my office today but lately the mailroom at work has had some weird delays so who knows
  13. when your favorites write about your other favorites What It Means To Listen To Sleater-Kinney Now

    I like the angle this took and the way he shows himself working through this change in real time.

    although I'm pretty confident I'm going to like this more initially than he did based on how much i love all the singles
  14. sophos34

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    just pressed play
  15. ForestOfAllusion

    Old Aesthetic Supporter

    Listened. This is a really great St Vincent album.
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  16. Jim

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    My vinyl just showed up. Looks great!
  17. LOVE !!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
  18. ummmm bad dance slaps
  19. radiodead


    My vinyl showed up 2 days ago but I still haven’t been able to spin.
  20. listened to the A side again this morning before leaving for work. really liked Reach Out this time, and the guitars on Restless are so Hot Rock to me I love them. also I'm glad I only listened to Can I Go On twice before this came out, what a great song.
  21. Bane

    The spiciest meme

    Alright just went through this and super good on first listen but OH WOW BROKEN IS SUPER GOOD and I'm so glad it ends the album
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  22. A side in the morning, B side before bed lol

    slaps even more on second listen i love this
  23. Drew Beringer

    @drewberinger Moderator

    Holy shit RUINS
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  24. It's like the zombie apocalypse version of this band!!!

    imo the way they take big swings on this record and deconstruct their approach to their own style is very The Woods to me

    also play Bad Dance on the dancefloor at my wake
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  25. radiodead


    This album will be a classic one day.
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