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  1. marissalg

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    The longest and healthiest committed relationship I’ve ever had is the one I have with my current brow girl. She’s just on a mission to make my eyebrows perfect and I love her so much.
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  2. Carmen SD


    tarte came out with the limited edition eyeshadow, blush, and full size mascara thing and I REALLY want it because I like the colors and its a good deal, but I don't need more makeup. I'm also tight with money atm. I even kinda want to sell some my current eyeshadow pallets that I hardly use
  3. Carmen SD


    Has anyone used Noxema? I just bought it and a "quick" way to remove most of my makeup before I wash my face. Also would anyone know of a budget friendly face wash? I'm using a dove face bar, but I bought it because the 2 pack was on discount. I'm trying to go back to drug store makeup because I can't afford the high end stuff anymore. Especially if I'm trying to move out. target also didn't have my wet n wild contour stick anymore. bummed
  4. K0ta


    Can I suggest double cleansing? Using an oil cleanser to get most of the makeup off (almost melts it) and then following up with a cream/foam/gel cleanser. Can't speak on noxema but switching to a double cleansing method has been huge; made me realize I wasn't cleaning my face enough at all. There are a ton of great drug store brands out there; cerave, neutrogena, etc. Korean skincare brands are often very cheap - as cheap or sometimes cheaper than some drug store brands, if you can order from amazon or have access to stores that carry them. I can suggest some products to you if you'd like.

    The Ordinary and Paula's Choice are also very affordable skincare brands if you don't mind ordering online. TO in particular is designed to be no nonsense and is very cheap because you're paying for specific ingredients to target specific issues with no frills.
  5. Carmen SD


    I have a skin care oil (grape seed) somewhere and I may try it! I love k beauty and have stuff in mind. The problem with k beauty is those brands usually have harsh chemicals (such as parabens) in their products :(
  6. awwgereee

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    Does anyone in here use solid/bar shampoo/conditioner? I’ve been wanting to make the switch for awhile and am finally down to the bottom of my bottles, so I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on brands.
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  7. marissalg

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    I’ve used a couple of the lush shampoo bars and really like them! I don’t like any of their solid conditioner bars though :( I just got an American Dream bar and it wasn’t great.
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  8. marissalg

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    I got a sample of the kiehls hemp oil and I am mad that i love it so much. Easily the best an oil has been absorbed into my skin and really helps with redness and acne.
  9. Kiana

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    Ok I'm like about to have a breakdown over the state of my skin since switching birth controls. I cannot deal. My pms symptoms are way better but I want to cry every time I look in the mirror and nothing helps. I'm almost 30 and my skin looks as bad is it was when I was 13. And I have rly pale skin and am concerned about scarring. This is awful. My doctor said to give the birth control three months so I have another month but idk if I can hang for that long
  10. CobraKidJon

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    ever since I stoped using my burts bees chapstick my lips have been more chapped than ever and it’s the worst
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  11. Jams


    Under a lot of stress bc I'm learning to drive so of course it's making me get a cold sore. I'm going on a trip this weekend. Can't wait to look extra ugly :verysad:I hope it magically is gone by Thursday when I leave but uhhh doubt it. If it's still there I'm telling my friend she's banned from taking my picture. I know it's just a dumb small thing but I want to cry. Like I had all my outfits picked out with my lipstick to wear with them and ugh. And mine aren't small ones. They get HUGE and look absolutely disgusting. Like I don't leave the house if I don't have to bc they look soooooo bad. If anyone has any magical cures lemme know lol
  12. after a month of eating mostly like shit and just not taking care of myself in general my face now looks like Megan Fox's when she hasn't eaten a boy for forever in Jennifer's Body
    minus looking at all like Megan Fox so basically my face sucks right now
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  13. Kuri44


    I’ve been thinking about dyeing my hair (first time) and I’m still a bit nervous about it since it seems like there are so many do and don’ts regarding treatment and all that. I have a couple questions that hopefully someone here can answer.

    First, should i color it before or after i get a haircut? I usually get a number 2 on the sides and back so I’m not sure if it would even be possible at the length.

    Also, what brand would y’all recommend? I’ve been looking at Good Dye Young, but have yet to purchase any.

    any treatment tips would be appreciated as well, thanks!
  14. supernovagirl

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    I know a fair amount about dying hair esp fun colors, but I need more specific things to go off of lol
    I say color before you get it cut but it honestly doesn’t matter it only matters if you’re doing it the same sitting I think. Also if your hair is super short like that it will just stick to your scalp haha which I mean, has the same effect, but once that washes out you will probably feel as though it faded when really it was just your head lol

    I’ve never used good dye young but I think they are one of the better consumer brands so I would recommend them.
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  15. Kiana

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  16. supernovagirl

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    Lmaoo I was gonna say that was the poser paste!! I’ve heard nothing but good things about their regular dye ¯\_(ツ)_/ but Arctic Fox it another ok consumer brand, as well as overtone conditioner
  17. marissalg

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    Does anyone want a code for 20% off code for anything (prestige brands included) from Ulta? I don’t shop there and don’t really need anything.
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  18. K0ta


    My skincare routine has been slowly transforming my skin this past year. It's been amazing to feel more confident as time goes on, even going out without makeup. It's been a lot of trial and error and research. But I still am dealing with occasional spots of acne, and cc's that refuse to budge. (Also redness, but I feel like I can deal with that last after I dealt with the worst parts of my skin). I bought the AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution from The Ordinary and after only using it twice my skin is GLOWING and those stubborn cc's that were untouched by any acid are fading. I can only use it 2x a week because it's so strong but this might be a pivotal piece of my skincare routine!

    AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution - The Ordinary | Sephora
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  19. Carmen SD


    Came upon a youtube video where a dermatologist reviews dollar tree products. Twas an interesting view, but I wonder about all those products that have parabens in it. Trying hard to budget my money on hair and skin products, but it's hard because my skin can easily be irritated and become dry. Sally beauty has this "generic" brand that has shampoos and conditioners that "compare too" brands like nexxus (want to dry the conditioner when I need more conditioner). They even smell the same!

    A side note I've been really good this year with how much makeup I'm buying. (hardly bought any)

    Also really hard to keep a routine when I'm stuck in this rut that I won't get out of until who knows when
  20. GrantCloud

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    maaaaaan the seasons changing/inconsistent weather patterns has me breaking out, my skin is just super dry. Blegh
  21. lostawholeyear

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    I've always been pretty diligent about taking care of my skin. Sunscreen especially, given that skin cancer runs in my family. Lately, though, I've gotten really into it...consistently washing my face/using moisturizer/T.O. squalane oil, tretinoin, and sunscreen every day. I wish I would've started this much earlier. I also wish I could convince my guy friends that'll all be worth the effort in 10 years :crylaugh:
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  22. Kuri44


    Finally got my hair colored! upload_2019-10-27_9-58-11.png

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  23. Richter915

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    Just attended one of the biggest cosmetics meetings in the world.

    Lasers can do miracles, have any of you ever used lasers for skin issues or rejuvenation? Is anyone interested in it?
  24. marissalg

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    Sephora sale starts Nov 1st for rouge, nov 7th for everyone else. Definitely a few pricier skin care things I’m running low on so the timing is perfect.
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  25. Kiana

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    I've never had anything done but I have thought about it. Idk about the downtime tho. I know some have more downtime than others but idk idk my skin potentially being all peely and stuff while in professional settings and stuff sounds unpleasant