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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Meerkat, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. Carmen SD


    My skin has been extra sensitive/itchy lately. Not sure if its related to the weather being warmer (like in the 80s-90s). I have no changed any lotion or soap so idk whats going on
  2. Richter915

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    Do you have a rash as well?
  3. personalmaps

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    well, it came and went, tbh. I spoke with my GP about it, and she recommended that I continue to use the medicated cortizone for flare ups. I think I'm going to get a referral for a dermatologist though, because while it became more manageable on the backs of my hands, it has started to spread to my palms and wrists, which makes it SUPER hard to do anything in a raw/itchy flare up. So I use the medicated cream when it's bad and keep the Trader Joe's unscented hand lotion on my desk at work for whenever I wash my hands etc.

    As far as makeup goes, I've leaned into the minimalist thing because it really just seems like using eyeshadow/mascara/anything on my eyelids causes flare ups and it's just not worth it. I use Glossier Milky Jelly cleanser for makeup removal and Trader Joe's tea tree wash for a total skin wash. My routine is usually: Milky Jelly or Tea tree, Lush Grease lightening as second cleanser, Thayer's Rose/Witch hazel toner, and at night I use Trader Joe's face moisturizer, but during the day I use Glossier priming moisturizer.

    It's just so bizarre to me, because I've had sensitive skin my entire life, but this has only started to happen in the past 2 years, and I feel like I have my eyelid/face under control, but I cannot get my hands to cooperate at all. Which sucks because honestly I need my hands to not be raw and useless way more than I need a cute face lmao.
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  4. K0ta

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    My eye started acting up on Thursday night and by Friday it was swollen and painful. Not too itchy although it had its moments. It's definitely from using eyeliner, my eyes just hate eye makeup honestly which is depressing because I look super bland without it but what can I do. :cringe:
  5. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    It's kinda funny my forehead got super oily all of sudden and it made me realize I was somehow using nothing on my face so I got a cleanser which hopefully works
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  6. Carmen SD


    not sure? sometimes when I itch the area will be slightly red for a little, but then i think it goes away. My skin easily breaks too
  7. ncarrab


    I was diagnosed with eczema in 2012 when I had some really weird symptoms. I'm not fully convinced I have it though, as I think I had more of an allergic reaction. I've had miserable allergies my entire life but back in 2012, I started to get these red dots under my eyes...they didn't itch or hurt and weren't even raised...they were literally just small red dots. I remember a girl I worked with kept thinking it was eczema. I saw a doctor and dermatologist about it and they couldn't really pinpoint the issue, but my one doctor told me to put Vaseline under my eyes before bed and that actually helped. I think it was caused by liquid from my eyes coming out at night while I sleep. I haven't had the issue since then though.

    A few months later though in 2012, I started getting insane itching all over my body. I had no rashes, no bumps or anything. Just crazy itching. To the point I went to the ER, several different doctors and three different dermatologists and no one could figure out why. They tested me for all sorts of bed bugs to even syphilis (not sure why?).

    Around that same time, I had switched my body wash from Dove (which I had used my entire life) to Old Spice. I'm convinced I had some sort of allergic reaction to that - especially because I've always have had sensitive skin and Old Spice is super potent. But the itching lasted for months, even when I changed back to Dove. I was finally sent to a dermatologist who dealt with unknown conditions and took a biopsy of my skin and it came back as 'spongiosis.' The dermatologist then told me he thought it was eczema...however since that all went away back in 2012, I never really had any other symptoms.

    I do have some itchiness every now and then, but nothing major or out of the ordinary and never any rashes.

    I do deal a lot with folliculitis, especially around my thighs for whatever reason, however my dermatologist told me to switch my body wash to Head and Shoulders a few years ago and that has actually helped a lot dealing with that.

    OK, this was a rant, but I saw some talk about eczema earlier and it got me thinking about my experience.
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  8. Richter915

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    Hmm ya if it's not calming down do the 1% hydrocortisone twice a day on the itchiest spots
  9. Richter915

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    Eczema can be crazy especially when presenting in teenage and adult years. It doesn't follow the typical patterns seen in kids which is why you get tested for a lot of other things. Spongiosis = eczema so you treat it with lots of vaseline and topical steroids for flares.
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  10. marissalg

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    Trying out Glow Recipe’s avocado sleep mask and so far it’s been great for my dry skin.
  11. CobraKidJon

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    why are we the worst

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  12. K0ta

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    Capitalism :shake: Men
    War Paint
  13. Dog with a Blog

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    I feel like my skin is at an all time low. Very red and blotchy, breaking out, feels puffy etc. I’m hoping that most of it is due to stress and will subside a bit once I’m done with finals. I also know that I really need to change my diet. It just feels like it’s definitely gotten worse over the last year or so. I feel very blech.
  14. Kiana

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    Ugh I hate getting pimples near my lips because if I wear lipstick it makes it look like I smeared it and like nope that's just my acne!!
  15. K0ta

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    I've been on my "skincare journey" since December, and after finding a routine I've stuck with for a good 3-4 months I am going from incremental gains to my skin getting visibly better every single day. It feels like almost overnight my skin started clearing and smoothing all my scarring/pie/pih/texture/acne/etc! I had a week or so there where I started breaking out (felt like a purge, but I hadn't started any new actives so I couldn't figure out why?) but after that it was like poof! I am going to credit sticking to a consistent routine that I didn't change up too much as being a huge part of that. I also imagine restoring my moisture barrier has been huge as well. I started doing multiple layers of my Japanese toners and I consider them an integral part of what has gotten my skin to the point that it's at. It's by no means perfect and I still have scarring/pie/cystic acne on the cheeks in particular that I am contending with, but my makeup has started going on smoother and I just feel much better about myself overall. None of the products I use are expensive either, so that's a huge plus. Can't believe it took me 30 years to learn how to wash my face properly but here we are :)
  16. Carmen SD


    I bought the Humphrey's citrus (oil controlling) toner, and it doesnt smell very pleasing. I wanted to try the citrus because i heard citrus/lemon is suppose to help with brightening. I also haven't seen the Thayers lemon in store so I chose the next "best" thing.

    I also just started my Tarte drink of h2o moisturizer (will see how i like it). I finished my alba botanica one (that I think I got it for $3 on sale at walmart over a year ago). So far I'm not raging over it, and feel like i could find something that does the job for half the price or less
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  17. thesoftskeleton

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    My keratosis pilaris on my arms has been more noticeable lately and it’s been bothering me more than normal. Thing that sucks is I hate putting really effort or money in diminishing it cause it never goes away
  18. Richter915

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    What have you tried?
  19. Carmen SD


    I literally have the WORST face shape for eye makeup. Liquid eyeliner or gel pot ALWAYS smears either in my tear duct and/or upper brow bone. I can even let it dry and somehow it finds its way to smear and look terrible. I don't know what to do :verysad:
  20. Kiana

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    @Richter915 I always read u recommending the dove unscented hypoallergenic bar soap so I got some recently after my face wash ran out. It's been kind to me so far! I had a giant red pimple on my chin that I thought would take forever to go away but it was vanquished in two days. I also had two other smaller angry red pimples and those are gone too! Let's see if this keeps up lol
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  21. Richter915

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    Glad to hear it! Yes dove products are my go to as well as free and clear!

    If you're getting more of these inflamed bumps you could try sal3 soap or a weekly face wash with nizoral shampoo. Be warned both of those can be drying.
  22. Kiana

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    Thanks for the info! My depression has led to a lack of motivation which has led to me washing my face less which has led to unfortunate acne lately blegh
  23. Carmen SD


    I bought a 2 pack of the dove dry skin relief face bar (it was on sale for like $2). Can’t wait to try it. Sounds like it’s good
  24. marissalg

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    The new Sephora skincare line is honestly so nice? I’ve tried the face wash, moisturizer, and two clay masks and they’re all so gentle and have my skin glowing.
  25. Kiana

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    I got a facial today! My second one. The last one I did was an hour long and this one was a 30 min express version. It was soooo relaxing. I had the day off so I kinda wish I'd done the long version, but it wasn't economically wise. I never knew someone massaging your face could be so relaxing. And when she puts the warm towel on my face O M G

    On another note, I stay disliking my side profile but I feel it'd be so time consuming to work on. I have big teeth, small mouth, overbite, and a weak chin/jaw. Makes for an interesting profile. I think the chin would make the most difference but i'd never commit to an implant. I looked into kybella but idk I'm still hesitant.
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