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Sinai Vessel - Brokenlegged (January 27, 2017) Album • Page 12

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by cwhit, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Kennedy Prestigious

    I couldn’t get passed the production
  2. teebs41

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    I can understand it, I think peeps would dig it more if the kick drum didnt sound so clicky. I think the guitar tones are actually decent at times, its pretty much the drums that sound pretty awful
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  3. SmashRipsaw

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    This album is so good, but the production is so bad. According to their Facebook, they started recording a new album last week. Looking forward to it.
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  4. ItsAndrew

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    Seeing him tonight!
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  5. ItsAndrew

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    He played a bunch of new songs tonight and they all sounded great. I overheard they were just recorded. Also he got Lomelda and Hovvdy to record with him for his new record which is awesome!
  6. Onlyadirector

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    Yessss. It's about time!
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  7. ItsAndrew

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    Caleb told me the delay was in part due to what happened with Tiny Engines. Apparently they weren’t responding to his emails when he would send them things. He didn’t say who is putting it out but he said it’s a really great record, so I’m excited. It’s also coming out this year.
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  8. The_Pioneer


    I like this band a lot, so this is good news.

    I was kinda let down by that covers ep Caleb put out recently. I’m down for acoustic covers, but the recording quality was seriously bad.

    But that led me to check out some of their back catalog like the cats ep and portion of the whole demo over the past couple weeks and it’s all mostly good!
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  9. Gjpeace

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    Speaking of covers, Caleb just posted this performance of one of Radiohead’s best songs.
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  10. can’t wait for a new record
  11. ItsAndrew

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