Sims - More Than Ever (November 4, 2016) Album

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  1. amorningofsleep Sep 7, 2016
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    i ll u m i n a u g h t y


    via Doomtree Records

    01. A Bad Flying Bird
    02. Icarus
    03. Brutal Dance
    04. OneHundred
    05. Flash Paper
    06. Spinning Away
    07. Oakland Ave Catalpas
    08. What They Don’t Know
    09. Badlands
    10. Buckets
    11. Shaking In My Sheets
    12. Voltaire
    13. Gosper Island

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  3. cshadows2887

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    I like the single a lot. Hoping for good things.
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    Sims is my favorite Doomtree MC and his releases keep getting better and better. Super excited for his album release show here in Chicago.
  6. amorningofsleep

    i ll u m i n a u g h t y

  7. amorningofsleep

    i ll u m i n a u g h t y

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    Show some love.
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    Icarus and Gosper Island are my favorites on this album.
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    I kept forgetting this came out. Finally getting ready to spin it...