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Simple Plan – “Singing in the Rain” Video

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 12, 2016.

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    Simple Plan’s new video for “Singing in the Rain” can be found on YouTube. The band have described it as a love letter to That Thing You Do:

    The video for “Singing In The Rain” is a love letter to one of our favourite movies of all time, “That Thing You Do”. It’s about the exhilarating power that 3 chords, a drum beat and a catchy melody can have on the lives of the people who create it. The video takes you on the magical journey from rehearsing in a garage to playing stadiums and topping the charts. and the roller-coaster ride that is the music industry: both exhilarating and extraordinary, heartbreaking and bittersweet. We had a blast filming this video and we hope that you will enjoy it and that it will make you smile!

  2. kiguel182


    The video is pretty cool even if the song isn't that great. And "That Thing You Do" is a pretty great movie.
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  3. pbueddi


    of all the "experimental" songs on the album, this is by far my favorite. it's catchy in its own way.
  4. SamLevi11

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    This song is so bad, it made me envy the deaf.
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  5. If Envy on the Coast hadn't been a thing, Envy the Deaf would be my new band name
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  6. heymynameisjoe

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  7. Serenity Now

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    I didn't know Jason Sudeikis was in a band...

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  8. Dirty Sanchez

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    He should probably consider facial reconstruction.
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  9. bptky

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    This song style doesn't fit the That Thing You Do-vibe of the song at all.
  10. pbueddi


    yeah. not something you need to say. im sure you could get your hate across in a more dignified way.
  11. Loki

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    I thought the album was fun/enjoyable for a few listens...
  12. SamLevi11

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    You sound fun.
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  13. pbueddi


  14. HelloThisIsDog


    Hey, I thought it was pretty funny...