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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by mattfreaksmeout, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. TomG

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    The strange love chorus reminds me of Kevin Lyttle’s “Turn Me On” so much. I can’t Hear anything else
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  2. AlwaysEvolving21

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    This is probably the best stuff Alex has written. Even better than ATL, IMO
  3. Doomsday

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    I didn't like any of the songs when I heard them individually, but listened to this a few times today while gaming and I think it's grown on me a lot
  4. Mister Lyrical

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    Anyone whose been to a show know when they came on? Doors opened at 7 in Philly
  5. ComedownMachine

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    Pretty much 9 exactly
  6. Doomsday

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    This EP is making me listen to All Time Low more than I ever have... maybe ever. Always enjoyed a couple tunes, but whenever I heard anything else I wasn't a fan and I wrote them off immediately. Just fucking around listening to some of their stuff lately and I am enjoying it enough. Which is crazy because when I think about when they blew up and where I was musically then, I should've been all about them, but I just... wasn't.

    But regardless, I am becoming a Pretty Big fan of this EP. This will definitely get a lot of mileage this summer
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  7. LessThanTrevor

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    If you enjoy this you'll love Last Young Renegade. To me they're in their prime and can't wait to see what they do on their next record.
  8. Doomsday

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    Will have to check it out. I've seen some people here praising that before, so I'm definitely gonna check it out, but I've been kinda hanging around their earlier shit.

    I am surprised at myself though. I did not like any of the singles as they were released. Kinda got bummed that Mark was seemingly invested in this, thought maybe it'd affect new Blink in some unforseen way. Decided to throw it on today and... kinda really dug it. I guess that's the power of music tho!!
  9. ComedownMachine

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    Yeah I didn’t expect it but this ep definitely slaps
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  10. ArmsLikeTeeth

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    Just a thought, would have been cool for them to work Tidal Waves into the Simple Creatures set.
  11. pbueddi


    Tried the EP. Not for me. Glad they are doing something different though.
  12. chewbacca110

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    I am really, really into Adrenaline and Lucy, the rest not so much.
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  13. bradsonemanband

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  14. Mister Lyrical

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    Someone yelled at them to play it at the Philly show, Mark couldn't remember the lyrics and didn't know how to play it. Then someone yelled Carousel and he played the first part of the riff before launching into Strange Love.
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  15. Mister Lyrical

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    I will say both songs, Nevermind and One Little Lie, from the second EP sounded awesome and were a lot more synthy. The Depeche Mode cover also was way heavier than I'd have expected.
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  16. Letterbomb31

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    I really like this, which is a surprise for me
  17. btr


    New EP “Everything Opposite” out this summer, full album to be released after.

    According to people reporting back from one of the shows
  18. marissalg

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    Listened to this while pregaming tonight and honestly a great time.
  19. irthesteve

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  20. LessThanTrevor

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    That video is absolutely genuine.
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  21. Kuri44


  22. Wooo!!
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  23. smowashere

    I was hoping they’d release a new song before Download!
  24. TEGCRocco


    I dig it
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