Simple Creatures (Alex Gaskarth & Mark Hoppus) - Strange Love (March 29, 2019) Album

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  1. mattfreaksmeout Jan 24, 2019
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    Simple Love EP out March 29, 2019


    1. Drug
    2. Strange Love
    3. How To Live
    4. Adrenaline
    5. Ether
    6. Lucky
  2. smowashere

    What a cool pairing!

    The song is alright, but I'm excited to see where they go with this.
  3. ArmsLikeTeeth

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    This is wild but I want a new All Time Low record more than this
  4. 0rb


    This is bad. Very very bad. This should have never been released. RIP.
  5. Jrm303130


    Surprised by all the hate on the song. Not an ATL fan but this is a good pop song. I’ve listened to it a few times and it gets better with every listen. Didn’t like the na na’s at first but now it’s tolerable, still wish is wasn’t in the song though.
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  6. Matt504

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    Not bad, but nothing game changing...
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  7. mattfreaksmeout

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    Yea I don't understand, cus I think this song completely bangs. It's not wildly different from what either would do with their respective bands, but it's just different enough to justify it's existence, and I think it's really cool to hear Alex in a different creative outlet. Also, I could see it picking up some alt. radio airplay.

    But I also think it feels like a more pop version of Birthday, and Birthday is one of my favorite ATL songs ever so this is Alex heading write down the alley I would like him to.
  8. dtbjerke

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    Pumped for this.

    The song sounds fine to my ears!
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  9. supernovagirl

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    I like it. Unexpected project but I’ve got my eye on it.
    Like I said in the other thread, I feel like this is similar enough to what’s on alternative radio rn to get picked up by it
  10. ccsc918

    huge all time low fan

    Incredible song, I’d like to see a simple creatures tour in the future.
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  11. swboyd

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    This sounds like it'd be featured on a Glee Cast soundtrack circa 2010. Ehhhhh.
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  12. Justin Roux

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    Wow I really liked that! Ton of fun and I always love hearing both their voices
  13. btr


    The band's Twitter page was created in June 2010 for whatever that's worth!
  14. Allpwrtoslaves

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    I thought this song was terrible tbh.
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  15. chris-wrecker


    could have been somebody elses handle that they purchased maybe?
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  16. marissalg

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    I’m excited for this. I like the song and it’s just cool to see Alex start of a project with a guy that inspired him to be in a band in the first place.
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  17. JaytotheGee

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    Very about this
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  18. mattfreaksmeout

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    Oh I get it you're saying it would've been such a smash hit that one of the most popular shows on television at the time would've had no choice but to cover it?? I agree!
  19. DeRRek

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    Really not good imo.
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  20. wisdomfordebris

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    It is bad.
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  21. Christian Romero

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    I really like the song. Super excited to see what they continue to do.
  22. Not a fan of either band but listened out of curiosity. Definitely could see this just being a Blink or ATL track
  23. mattylikesfilms


    it's whatever. Could be worse but could be so much better.
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  24. TuneYouOut


  25. Fox83


    Sort of reminds me of New Politics.