Silverstein Twenty Year Anniversary Tour with Four Year Strong and I the Mighty Tour

Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by ItsAndrew, Oct 9, 2019.

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  2. koryoreo


    Going to the Portland show! Stoked to hear DTW in full again and haven't seen FYS in a few years. Glad this is at the Wonder too. Hoping for a 23-25 song set. Gimme DTW, a 5-6 song acoustic set and a 5-6 song greatest hits set.
  3. zachmacD


    Didn't they already play DTW in it's entirety?
  4. theasteriskera

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    Yeah for its 10 year. I didn't live in civilization at that point in time so I'm stoked I get to this time around
  5. nakulisbrown


    Silverstein and FYS are honestly my 2 fave bands, but I could go without DTW or acoustic honestly. Let's hear Dead Reflection in full
  6. theasteriskera

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    I really like what The Maine did a couple years ago; they played their 2 most recent albums in full and called it the New Nostalgia Tour. I'd be perfectly okay with Silverstein playing only from the last 3 albums, they're so good
  7. Tyler Williams


    I missed DTW on the 10 year tour so I'm pumped. Plus, they're finally coming back to OKC.
  8. johnnyferris

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    Got my presale ticket for Anaheim.

    The DTW anniversary show was such a good time. It'll be nice to hear some of those deep cuts again. Wishful thinking, but it would sure be nice to hear TIHTWS in full one day.
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  9. DonnyFTW


    I don't think that's that far fetched. Silverstein asked on twitter a while ago what other albums they should do tours for and the majority said TIHTWS. I think we'll get a tour in 2023 for it... Depending on Album cycles of course.
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    New album is done
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