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Silent Planet - Where the End Began (November 2, 2018)

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Theemoflamingo, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. Theemoflamingo


    New album from the metalcore band Silent Planet. I know that genre isn't super popular here but I believe Silent Planet offer some of the best metalcore these days with some of the most intense lyricism and atmosphere i've heard from any artist. Hoping some people will check this out. FFO: disambiguation era underoath and heavier/faster mewithoutyou.

    1. Thus Spoke
    2. The New Eternity
    3. Northern Fires (Guernica)
    4. Afterdusk
    5. Visible Unseen
    6. Look Outside: Dream
    7. Vanity of Sleep
    8. In Absence
    9. Share the Body
    10. Firstborn (Ya'aburnee)
    11. Lower Empire
    12. Look Inside: Awake
    13. The Anatomy of Time (Babel)
    14. Depths III


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  2. In a realm of stale sounding metalcore bands writing the same old riffs with the same old clean vocals parts and the same rehashed themes, these guys are one of the few ones that stand out. Everything Was Sound didn't quite move me like the The Night God Slept did, but the new singles are some of the best stuff they ever put out so far. Really excited to hear the full thing.
  3. SmashRipsaw

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    Never been able to get into these guys, which is too bad because Out of the Silent Planet is my favorite book. I'll give this a listen, though.
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  4. The clean vocalist has improved so much, I wasn't a fan of his performance on their early stuff but he's knocking out of the park this time. 4/4 so far.
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  5. TriangularDuck

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    The New Eternity shreds and is probably my favorite Silent Planet track yet. Album is going to rule
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  6. teebs41

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    Apparently this leaked, I heard this band on the bad Christian podcast lol, seems like something I would like
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  7. This is good so far. In Absence still is the clear standout, and reminds me of Thrice's heavier stuff and O Disambiguation by Underoath. I wish the clean vocals were less cliche on the other tracks, though the vocalist has improved. You always know when a poppy chorus is coming, which takes me out of it at times.

    They have the potential to release something really outstanding if they let go of conventional song structures for good. I usually can't stand when those djent bands try to put atmosphere in their music, but these guys know how to use it without making it sound forced. The interludes prove it. Perhaps they could build on them and go in a more progressive direction for the future releases.
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  8. Lucas27


    This is definitely my favorite thing I’ve heard from these guys thus far.
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  9. Syre Dream


    I love this so much. Honestly not so into metalcore anymore but this band is great
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  10. It looks like they're rerecording their debut. They just put out Wasteland Redux and City Grave Redux and holy shit, the upgrade is more noticeable than I expected. Everything sounds huge.

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  12. azzy01


    Sounds amazing. Their debut is my favourite of theirs overall but the production sounded brittle and always kept it back from being one of my favourites
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  13. New single:

  14. SmashRipsaw

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    I haven't been able to get into their older stuff, but this song is very good.
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  15. beachdude

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    Woah. Yeah I think that's my favorite song from them too.
  16. Lucas27


    The verses reminded me of Children of Fire. But then the chorus became its own thing. Very, very good.
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  17. Oh, Sleeper's album? Silent Planet's entire catalogue reminds me of it
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  18. Lucas27


    I guess so. This just seemed extra that way.
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  19. Leftandleaving

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    Listening to this band for the first time bc I think they brought greyhaven and the callous daoboys - two of the best metalcore bands around rn - on tour. Digging what I’m hearing. For whatever reason I thought they were like lame risecore shit. Pleasantly surprised
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  20. SmashRipsaw

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    I love that these guys are currently in a Twitter feud with Trapt.