Shura - Nothings Real (July 8, 2016) Album

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Chaplain Tappman, Mar 18, 2016.

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    Thanks Ryan
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  5. brandon_260 Prestigious

    tbh quite sick of albums being announced an eternity before their release in 2016
  6. Chaplain Tappman

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  7. brandon_260 Prestigious

    I finally listened to og Touch last night after exclusively listening to the Four Tet remix. It's so good and totally different vibe. I also totally love the aesthetic of the artwork for this album.
  8. ryan.conde

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    I'm so ready for this album
  9. Chaplain Tappman

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  10. Inna Selez


    OMG! Why I didn`t hear about her anything before.
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  12. Inna Selez


  13. Inna Selez


    Watched this clip and now I have a question - is she or her brother gay?
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  15. irthesteve

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    This is shaping up very nicely
  16. Meerkat

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    "What's It Gonna Be?" is such a fucking jam
  17. Chaplain Tappman

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  18. morgantayler

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    Can't wait to check this out tomorrow. "What's It Gonna Be?" is so good.
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  20. ghostedaway

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    Loving this. I'm sad she won't be at my date of the Tegan and Sara tour in November.
  21. Gwen

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    Album is out today!!!
  22. brandon_260 Prestigious

    I liked this on first listen, but I also wish that Four Tet would remix the entire album
  23. unbornwhiskey


    this album is so me. that's a weird description but there's a hybrid of synth-pop/electro-r&b going on in several of these tracks that is all i want to hear, plus all of the songs describe my emotional life lol
  24. Inna Selez


    Congratulations! Long-awaited album finally released. Wonder how soon she`ll start working on new songs.
  25. Joel

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    I actually really love this, though I agree that there should be a Four Tet remix album haha

    when the OG touch came on Im so used to the remix it felt like slow motion
  26. brandon_260 Prestigious

    That was my exact reaction the first time hearing the original. I felt like time had slowed down so much.